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allows you to stay organized everywhere.

Organize your goals, projects and tasks into a tree


Get a simple plain list of actions you have to do right now

 To Do
Being gathered together, tasks can make a whole project. If so, handle it with ease.
Break down large tasks until you have a list of reasonably sized subtasks.
With only name added, task automatically comes to the Inbox folder. The rest you can add later.
By assigning contexts to a task, you receiving a powerful tool to sort, view and control.
Not so major feature, but still. Being powerful task manager, MLO has notes too.
Zoom to concentrate on a specific branch of tasks
MyLifeOrganized Outline View
From Planning to Doing
After outlining, you may want to get a simple plain list of actions. That’s what To Do stands for: next actions only.
Assign a GPS location to your context and know exactly what do you have to do right here.
Mark your favorite task with a noticeable sign—you’ll never miss a starred task.
“Take vitamins”—good example of a recurrent task. The task will recur until you define it.
Filter your tasks by any context you want to see. Or by several contexts.
MyLifeOrganized To Do View
MyLifeOrganized Task Properties
Nearby Tasks
Look for a closest task, pick one and complete it so far as you near it.
MyLifeOrganized Nearby Tasks
MyLifeOrganized Task Creation
Customisable Hotkeys
Almost every task in the MLO has its own hotkey. It allows you to have your tasks at your fingertips.
MyLifeOrganized Keyboard Devices