Organize your goals,projects and tasks in to a tree. Simple plain list of actions you have to do right now.

Organize your goals,projects and tasks in to a tree.

Organize your tasks into folders,
make some  recurrent tasks.
Break down large tasks until you have a list of reasonably sized subtasks.
Star the most important tasks to include them to Starred view.
Being turned into a project, each
task has own elegant and subtle progress bar.

Simple plain list of actions you have to do right now.

From Planning to Doing
After outlining, you may want to get a simple plain list of actions. That’s what To Do stands for: next actions only.

MyLifeOrganized is an easy to use, yet powerful and intuitive task manager.

Once loaded with your information MyLifeOrganized goes to work and prepares a simple list of next actions which require your immediate attention. Try it with GTD® or whatever system you use.

Hierarchical To-Do List

Hierarchical To-Do List

Organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks until you have reasonably sized actions. Using an unlimited task hierarchy, and the ability to focus on subsections, MyLifeOrganized allows you to build a task management system to suit your needs.

Next Actions

Next Actions

MyLifeOrganized can prepare a simple list of next actions which require your immediate attention. This list is updated automatically once you complete a task, change your location or assign new context.

MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync

Use the MLO Cloud service¹ to sync with multiple computers at home and the office. Share a single task list or collaborate with other people. Sync wirelessly with the world class Windows Desktop version of MyLifeOrganized² to add even more power to your task management.

Use free Wi-Fi sync as alternative or together with MLO Cloud service.

Things To Do Near You

Assign contexts to your tasks and get the list of actions for your current GPS location.

Recurring & Regenerating Tasks

You can set recurrence pattern for your task to regenerate it on a specific interval.


Share your task list with other people located anywhere or even work together on the same project.

Projects and contexts: organize your tasks into projects and assign contexts.

Inbox: add your new tasks quickly to inbox.

Zoom: concentrate on a specific branch of tasks.

Bookmarks: jump quickly to any branch in your task outline.

Filter: filter your actions by context.

Starred tasks: highlight your important tasks.

Dependency: complete the tasks in a specific order.

Send your tasks via email to anyone you know.

¹ MLO Cloud is a low cost fee based subscription service allowing you to wirelessly sync your tasks between different MyLifeOrganized platforms.

² MyLifeOrganized for Windows desktop task manager sold separately. Pro version 3.5.7 or later required.

³ GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. MyLifeOrganized is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.