task list for Android Phone

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Supported OS

Android OS 2.0.3+

Manage your task lists with MLO for Android phone



Your tasks can be organised into projects and you can create an infinite hierarchy of sub-tasks. The breakdown will help you get to manageable components.

Active Actions by Context

Active Actions

You can have a structured overview of your to-do list by having action items grouped by context. MLO offers a special view for that.

Location-Based Alerts

Location Based Alerts

You can get an alert when you are nearby a certain location for which you have planed some tasks. MLO can highlight action items on a map for venues within a specified radius.

Drag & Drop Tasks in Hierarchy

Drag & Drop

Re-arrange your tasks easily within a hierarchy by a simple drag-n-drop. You can even move a tree of action items to a different task or project.

Task Details

Task Details

You can define various task properties like Due dates, Context, Effort required, Dependencies and much more. This helps you manage even very complex objectives.



MLO allows you to setup multiple Android widgets. A widget would display tasks from one of the many Views you have in the app.

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Additional Downloads

MLO for Android

The main installation for most devices. You can download APK file and install it manually on your device.


Download: MLOAndroid.apk

MLO for Android without Google

This version of MLO is developed for users who don't have Google services on their devices.


Download: MLOAndroid.apk (Without Google)

MLO for Android DEBUG

This version enables additional logging in the app. Install it if support requested more logs from your device.


Download: MLOAndroid.apk (DEBUG)

MLO for Amazon Kindle

For Kindle users we have special MLO version. You can download APK file and install it manually on your device.


Download: MLOAndroid.apk (for Kindle)

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Cloud Sync Service

Cloud Sync Service

The MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync service allows you to synchronize your data between different devices running the MyLifeOrganized task manager.