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MLO cross-platform task manager with Cloud Sync
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Create a To-Do list

Create new tasks and checklists easily. An elegant To-Do list view will help you to focus on the most important items and act immediately.

Clean and simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to rearrange tasks within a plain list or organise them into a tree.

Outline Hierarchy

Simple To-Do lists are awesome but what if you want to break a task into subtasks and that task into more subtasks? MLO allows you to do this … INFINITELY!

You can create flexible hierarchical lists and add dependencies between the tasks. Planning a business trip or your wedding has never been easier.

MLO has gone further…

Turn a Hierarchy into a To-Do List

Once you have added due dates, contexts and dependencies, MLO will automatically generate a smart list of action items that require your immediate attention.

Use an outline for planning and a plain list for doing. MLO dual view empowers you to use GTD® or any task management methodology which is most suitable for you.

Location Based Alerts Location Based Alerts
  • Gym (1)
    • 100 pushups
  • Market (5)
    • Potato 1 kg
    • Carrots 2kg
    • Flour 5 kg
    • Bread
    • Butter
  • Home (1)
    • Prepare presentation
Drag me note

Location - Based Reminders

Get the right information in the right place. MLO is designed to send you smart reminders when you arrive to one of your locations.

When you are at a mall, MLO can send you a notification with a shopping list. Once you get home, a reminder with a list of actions will be there for you.

Cloud Sync vs. Wi-Fi Sync

MLO for Windows MLO for Mobile
Feature Purpose Std Pro Free Pro
Cloud Sync Multiple devices sync
Wi-Fi Sync One mobile - one desktop

 — A paid cloud subscription is needed to sync all your MLO (desktop and mobile) devices

 — One desktop app synchronises with one of your mobile devices (included to Pro version)

Task by Email

Create Tasks via E-mail

Create new tasks easily by sending an e-mail to your MLO inbox. You can then convert them into action items and place under the relevant project.

This way you never lose important information even when on the go and don’t have instant access to the app.


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Cloud Sync Service

MLO syncs across all your devices.

Low cost paid subscription required.

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MLO for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch)

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