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Our story

It began in early 2000s. I, Andrey Tkachuk, was working in a fairly large IT company as a Program Manager, managing a large number of people and projects. At some point, I just felt the urgent need for a task management system, which would allow me not just to manage individual tasks but also entire projects. Having tried many existing systems, I could not find the perfect one - at least I needed the tree-style list. Eventually I started to create such a program for myself, combining the best that I had seen before with ideas from my personal experience. My boss got to see it, then some of my colleagues, and soon they also began to use it for their own planning purposes. That made me realise that I made a good product that many people would want. And, believe it or not, I learned about GTD after the first releases of MLO — the MLO users told me!

Today MyLifeOrganized is backed by a small team based in Ukraine. Some code, some write, some design. All are united by one goal — help millions of our users live a richer and more enjoyable life!

This is fine

Greetings from Ukraine Ukraine Flag

As we wrote on our blog, our team continues working in Ukraine despite of the war and all bad things it has brought to our life.

Many people ask us how they can support the MyLifeOrganized development. In response to this, we are posting possible options below. This list is constantly being updated to keep up with the actual situation.

How you can help us

Write a honest review on MLO on G2 , Capterra, AlternativeTo, and similar user review platforms which you find useful
7 min of your time

Tell others about us.
Leave a comment under a popular article (for example, ZDNet), or discussion (Reddit). Or, send a message to your favorite bloggers and tell them about us. Also, share with us the contacts of bloggers, influencers and companies that can help us spread MLO and our story to more people.
5-10 min of your time

Post a short review on MLO on App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store
5 min of your time

Buy a Cloud subscription now for future periods.
Even if you decide not to use the cloud, this way you donate and support financially the app development. A part of the funds will also go to volunteers who provide humanitarian assistance, and to our courageous army.
3 min of your time

Buy MLO 6 Windows Gold Edition.
If you would like to support the product you like even more — join our Gold club!
3 min of your time

Donate to Ukrainian Army directly
3 min of your time

Thank you! We appreciate your every effort.