Try MyLifeOrganized 4 feature pack for Android!

We are delighted to announce that we've finished the public beta-testing and released the new feature pack 4 for Android! It comes with a host of new features and improvements for many aspects of your MLO experience. Most notably, MLO 4 gains new capabilities for even deeper customization and quick interactions.

Check out the video presentation of the MLO 4 feature pack:

The upgrade is available for purchase on our website and through Google Play. See details below.

What's new in MLO 4 feature pack?
Download MLO 4 feature pack
15-day free trial period
Pricing and how to purchase
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MLO 4 replaces MLO 3

What's new in MLO 4 feature pack

Swipe actions

Set dates, skip occurrence, complete or delete a task with a quick swipe action. We plan to make these options customizable later.

Advanced recurrence

You requested and we heard you — advanced recurrence is now available on your Android device! As powerful as on desktop, this feature offers settings for the most specific scenarios: recur every fourth Friday every 3 months, on weekdays only, end after 10 occurrences, etc.

Here you can learn more about this truly Pro feature.

Task formatting

You can now emphasize tasks on Android just like you do it in MLO-Desktop:

- by making them bold, italics, underline and strikethrough;
- changing font color and background color;
- highlighting them;
- adding colored side bar.

Custom formatting that you have in MLO on desktop can now be synced to Android and vice versa.

Besides, task formatting is now supported in widget!

App shortcuts

Run your most common actions in MLO without opening the app: add a new task, open a view, add a reminder or search tasks.

You can make this even more efficient by pinning app shortcuts to your Android home screen.

Adding contacts to notes

You can insert contact information to the task notes using autocomplete. Just start typing @ plus a name, and select the contact from the pop-up list. It will be inserted together with a clickable phone number and email address.

Intelligent actions

If the task has a context with a defined location, email address, phone number, or link in notes, the task reminder and widget now shows these details.

And tapping the corresponding icon brings up google maps, opens compose email dialog, calls the number or opens the link in the browser. So you proceed with the next action with a single touch!

Input parsing action

Type in all task details to the title, click to parse on the top — and it will be converted in the task with ready-made properties.

Task templates

This is useful for dealing with typical projects, annual events, trips and other things which come up repeatedly.

It creates a task or a whole project based on an existing branch. Unlike duplication, it shifts all tasks with dates relatively to the new date you set.

You can find this option in the bottom toolbar:

Here you can learn more about this feature.

Tip: You can mark template tasks with a special tag or context to quickly find them in the task list.

Undo/redo description

There are two enhancements for this option:

1. When undoing/redoing your last action, you can now see what exactly it was.

2. MLO keeps track of last actions. Long tap Undo/Redo to see them and select to which position in the list you want to roll back or redo changes.

... and more

The update also includes:

- customizable upper part of views list. As you requested, it's possible to remove large buttons for the default views Inbox, Starred and Nearby.

- custom alerts for location-based reminders

- search on context list

And that’s not the full list of improvements. MLO 4 for Android also comes with task delete confirmation pop-up, clickable properties on the Task Preview screen and many other nice things that make MLO more pleasant to use. Refer to the change log for more details.

Download MyLifeOrganized 4 feature pack

You can download MLO 4 from Google Play or our website and try out the new features. The version is stable, so you can enjoy it right away.

If you have MyLifeOrganized 3 installed on your device the update will be delivered to you automatically.

Please note that we are rolling out the release gradually, adding more devices day after day on Google Play. So you may need to wait some time for the update to appear on your device.

15-day trial for MLO 4

After installing MLO 4 update over your MLO 3, you will have a 15-day trial period for MLO 4 Pro mode. During this time, you will be able to evaluate all the new features and make the upgrade decision. Whether you decide to upgrade or not, all the Pro features from your previous purchases stay with you.

If you use a free version, there are 15 days for you to try ALL Pro features (including new MLO 4 pack) and decide if you want to get them all in one purchase.

Pricing for new users

The price for MyLifeOrganized 4 for Android is $*. The purchase covers all your Android devices, both tablets and smartphones. Also worth noting that the version you purchase never expires, you can use it forever. Upgrades are optional and are offered at a discount.

You can proceed with an In-App purchase or place an order on our website.

Upgrade with discount for existing users

According to our upgrade policy you are offered a discount for a major update (version 4.x, 5.x etc) if you are a registered user of the previous version of MyLifeOrganized for Android. In other words, if you are an existing user of MLO 3 Pro for Android, MLO 4 Pro Pack costs you only $* instead of $. Please, visit our upgrade page, select the way you would like to upgrade and follow the instructions to get your discount.

Note: The price for the upgrade is guaranteed to be unchanged for three months after the release of the new version. We reserve the right to change the upgrade price after that.

If there is no Pro license for the previous version, upgrade to the new major version is to be paid at full cost. Therefore, to benefit from using the most up-to-date version on favourable terms please do not ignore major updates.

If you purchased MLO for Android on January 1, 2021 or later, then this upgrade is free for you. Here you can get your code to activate the new Pro features.

And, as always, you can get a free month of Cloud Sync for your first review of the application on Google Play.

MLO 3 turns into MLO 4

After upgrading to the MLO 4 version, all Pro features of version 3 you've gotten used to will continue to work in the new MLO 4 app. We will discontinue support for MLO 3 and concentrate on improvements and bug fixes for MLO 4. If you have any difficulties with MLO 4, please contact us:

Thank you for choosing MyLifeOrganized!

(*) TAX/VAT may apply for certain countries. Discount for upgrade is only available when you purchase from our website.