Buy Pro for PC and Mobile and get FREE Cloud

Cloud sync

We are currently offering 3-month FREE MLO Cloud subscription to anyone who purchased the Pro versions of:

Note: Valid only for new users who purchased MLO on PC and mobile on November 1, 2018 or later. Time-limited offer, don't miss out!

How to get your 3-month Free Cloud Subscription:

  • 1Send an email to with an exact subject:
    • Bonus MLO Cloud
      Tip: There may be significant delay if you do not set exact subject for your email as requested.
  • 2In the email provide the information that confirms your purchases:
    • Order ID if purchased through our website
    • Screenshot of the "Registration" screen if purchased through Apple Store and/or Google Play.
  • 3We will respond to your email with the MLO-Cloud subscription activation/renewal code. 

Tip: In addition, tell how you use MLO and get 1-month Cloud extra for your first review. Learn more.