FREE Cloud for Review

Cloud sync

Tell us how you use MyLifeOrganized for Windows, Android or iOS. We are currently offering 1-month FREE MLO-Cloud subscription to anyone who writes his/her first review for MLO on:

even if your review is critical :-)

How to get your Free Cloud Subscription:

  • 1Write a review for the MLO app on Microsoft Store, AppStore, Google Play or your Facebook page, mentioning what you like and probably what you want to be improved.
    Tip: To write a review from the apps just click "Review" link in About dialog in the app.
  • 2Write email to with exact subject:
    • MLO Review FREE Cloud
      Tip: There may be significant delay if you do not set exact subject for your email as requested.
  • 3In the email provide your review and your nickname.
  • 4We will respond to your email with MLO-Cloud subscription/renew code. 

Note: we are offering free cloud even if your review is critical since we LOVE TO HEAR FROM CUSTOMERS and need your honest opinion!

MLO team.