MyLifeOrganized 5 for Windows with high DPI support is out!

MyLifeOrganized 5 Pro

The public beta testing is over and MyLifeOrganized 5 version with high DPI support is officially released!

What is high-DPI support

Those of you who ran MLO on a high-DPI monitor probably noticed that the text elements were blurry and icons sized incorrectly. This fuzzy appearance is caused by scaling of non-DPI aware applications by Windows. The good news is that this no longer the case with MLO. The new version scales its interface to the correct size. It now also handles issues with moving the application window between multiple monitors with different DPI.

How to install

Check for updates in your current MLO. Or, use the link below to download and install the new version over your current MLO.

If you want to run both old and new versions independently, download the new one by this link and simply place it in another destination folder.

Is this update free?

The new high-DPI functionality is a part of MLO 5. It means this update is free for you if you are a registered MLO 5 user.

If you are a new user, you have a 45-day free trial period to decide if you like our app.

If you are a registered user of MLO 4 (or earlier), the new version is free for the first 15 days after installation. During this time you can try out the new features and decide how useful they are for you. After the trial version expires, no modification can be made in it. Instead, you will be offered to upgrade to MLO5 to continue using the new features. All the features of your MLO 4 stay with you whether you decide to buy the new version or not.

How to roll back to the old version?

If for some reason you decide to roll back to the MLO 5 version you used before, just open your data file in that version. No more actions are required because the data format is the same.

If you need to roll back to MLO 4, follow these instructions.

Waiting for your feedback

This version addresses most of the High DPI issues and, being thoroughly tested by our Beta team, proves to be fully stable and reliable. However, if you encounter any issues, please post your comments on our forum or contact us directly at

We will continue working on improvements for High DPI screens and definitely want to hear your feedback. So please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

The MyLifeOrganized team
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