MyLifeOrganized Архив

Здесь вы можете скачать последние версии продуктов MyLifeOrganized, поддержка которых прекращена.

Скачать MyLifeOrganized для Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)

Версия: 3.5.7
Обзор: Pocket PC версия приложения MyLifeOrganized и ActiveSync модуль.
Поддерживаемые ОС: MLO Pocket PC Edition разработано для устройств Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5.x/WM6.x и Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5.x/WM6.x Phone Edition. Ваше устройство должно иметь touchscreen (стилус).


  Скачать EXE Скачать CAB
WM5/WM6.x exe cab
PocketPC 2003SE exe cab
PocketPC 2003 exe cab

How to install EXE:

  1. Select your device type and download EXE setup file to your PC from "Download EXE" column;
  2. Connect your Windows Mobile device to your PC using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center;
  3. Run the downloaded EXE file on your PC and follow instructions.

How to install CAB:

  1. Select your device type and download CAB file to your PC from "Download CAB " column;
  2. Copy the downloaded CAB file to your Windows Mobile device;
  3. Click the copied CAB file on your device (in File Explorer) to install it.

IMPORTANT: for better performance it is recommended to install application to main memory on your device.

To enable ActiveSync synchronization with MLO Desktop Edition make sure you installed MLO Windows Mobile Sync Manager which included to MyLifeOrganized Professional Desktop installation. Please refer to help documentation for more details about sync configuration.

Скачать MyLifeOrganized для Blackberry

Версия: 1.1.2
Обзор: BlackBerry edition of MyLifeOrganized application.
Поддерживаемы системы: BlackBerry OS 4.2+ .

Downloads for full version (USB sync supported):

  Desktop Manager Over-the-Air
Keyboard device. OS ver. 4.7+ zip OTA
Touch device (Storm, Torch) zip OTA
Keyboard device. OS ver. 4.2-4.6 zip OTA

Downloads for non-USB version:

  1. Some policies do not allow installing application with USB connection module;
  2. So if you cannot install full version use this edition without USB sync;
  3. You can still use MLO Cloud sync with this edition.
  Desktop Manager Over-the-Air
Keyboard device OS ver. 4.7+ zip OTA
Touch device (Storm, Torch) zip OTA
Keyboard device OS ver. 4.2-4.6 zip OTA

How to install using Over-the-Air (OTA) installation:

  1. Navigate with the BlackBerry Browser to this downloads page;
  2. On the table above (usb or non-usb) select your device type (Keyboard or Touch), OS version (for KeyBoard devise) and navigate to OTA link in Over-the-Air column;
  3. Follow the instructions;
  4. The application will be unpacked and installed by your BlackBerry Browser and MyLifeOrganized will be now available in your applications list.

How to install using Desktop Manager:

  1. Make sure you have the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your desktop computer;
  2. Open this downloads page with your Desktop computer browser;
  3. On the table above (usb or non-usb) select your device type (Keyboard or Touch), OS version (for KeyBoard devise) and click zip in Desktop Manager column to download the zip archive;
  4. Unzip all files to any folder on your Desktop computer;
  5. Connect your BlackBerry via USB to your computer and launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager;
  6. In the left options list you will see an option for "Applications". Click this and you will see a screen appear that displays all the applications currently loaded on your BlackBerry;
  7. Above the list of currently installed BlackBerry applications you will see a button that says "Import files...". Click on this button to bring up the add application dialog box;
  8. Locate the mlo.alx file extracted from the archive, choose OK and MyLifeOrganized application will appear in the list with all of your other installed software;
  9. Verify that MyLifeOrganized has a status "Pending Install" next to it and click the button labeled "Apply" which appears in right bottom conner of window;
  10. You will see the BlackBerry Desktop Manager run through a process and your BlackBerry may restart;
  11. Upon reboot of your BlackBerry you will see MLO application on the applications screen of your device.