MLO for Android: Change Log

2023-09-28 version 4.3.0

  • app upgraded to API 33 to support new devices
  • added recurrence and reminder links to the start/due screen to speed up the date-related properties settings for the task
  • added an option to show project prefix for the tasks in non-hierarchical views (see appearance settings for more details)
  • improved task selection dialog by adding views for easy tasks selection
  • added multiselect toolbar configuration (use long tap on a free space in multiselect toolbar)
  • added Review action for multiselect toolbar
  • added select all tasks in a group in multiselect mode
  • if you select a task in Nearby view and switch to the map you will see corresponded context selected
  • added option to create new context and assign it to the task in the search context mode
  • the date range selection dialog now also allows to select only the start date
  • added kilometers/miles setting for the Nearby view
  • added support for the foldable Android devices
  • fixed an issue when app freezes sometimes when complete a task from the notification bar
  • fixed an issue with parsing days of week for Ukrainian language
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.1

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.0

  • added Arabic language
  • improved date and time selection dialog for quick addition/deletion of time
  • added new counters for "Time Required"
  • added option "Ignore folders" for counters
  • added option to show workspace name together with view name as a title for the task tree
  • added options to configure toolbar size for widgets: standard, compact, hide
  • you can now add flags, tags, start and due in the add task/reminder dialogs
  • added properties info line to the add task/reminder dialogs
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.1.2

  • change open/closed hours for contexts on mobile (MLO4 Pro required)
  • collapse a group of views in the main menu (MLO4 Pro required)
  • search in settings
  • added Ukrainian language for parsing
  • added collapsing groups in the widget
  • added setup number of lines in the widget
  • added contexts in the add task/reminder dialog
  • MLO will not display notifications from locked profiles on locked screen
  • added counters to the view selection dialog
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.1.1

  • added Spanish language
  • cloud files are now divided into groups "My Cloud Files" and "Shared with me"
  • added advanced filter switch in view settings
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.1.0

  • switching workspaces improved
  • added workspaces renaming
  • added links to mlo tasks
  • added parsing for third-party links in mlo task notes preview
  • added FaceID to unlock profiles
  • set custom language when adding a task by voice
  • fixed physical keyboard issues
  • fixed an issue when zoom did not affect mlo views shortcuts
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.0.4

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.0.3

  • added support for Android 11
  • improved task deletion with a swipe
  • improved warning when task deleted in the task outline
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.0.2 - New MyLifeOrganized Feature Pack 4 for Android!

  • More details about this release and about free or paid upgrade
  • swipe actions: complete, delete or schedule tasks with a swipe gesture
  • advanced recurrence: customize recurrency patterns with new advanced options like "every second Tue every 3 months"
  • task formatting: add color and other format options to your tasks in outline
  • adding contacts to notes: easily insert contact info by typing name after @
  • task templates: create typical projects from existing templates and auto shift dates accordingly
  • intelligent actions based on task content added to reminders and widget (call phone number, send an email, show location, open an URL)
  • app shortcuts: perform your most common actions with a long tap on the app icon
  • input parsing added when creating tasks in outline, widget or shortcut
  • undo/redo description added to see the list of latest actions and jump to any recent state
  • added more options for customizing the appearance of the outline properties line (start/due date, projects, contexts, text tag)
  • you can now customize upper part of views with big icons: Inbox/Starred/Nearby
  • clicking a property on task preview screen will activate editing of this property
  • clicking a context with location in task preview will open a map with this location
  • added custom alerts for location-based reminders
  • added search in context list
  • added option to set both dates (Start and Due) at once in the same dialog
  • improved edit task properties in multi-select to identify the same property set for the selected tasks
  • added workspace/profile to widget title
  • added search by address when setting location for contexts
  • added actions for location based notifications
  • added a possibility to reassign the context to tasks before deleting this context
  • added optional warning when deleting tasks
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.4.3-3.4.5

  • time selection improved for start/due
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.4.2

  • fixed issues with copy/cut/paste of the tasks in the outline
  • fixed an issue with order of the groups if group tasks by goal
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.4.0

  • this and future updates require android 4.1 and higher
  • improved dark theme
  • improved cloud connection process
  • Portuguese localization added
  • fixed an issue with context sorting
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.3.1

  • dark theme improvements
  • fixed an issue if complete tasks with reminders on preview/edit screen
  • fixed an issue with font alignment for RTL languages in widget
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.3.0

  • dark theme added to the app
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.2.4

  • reduced number of clicks to edit notes
  • added confirmation if Cancel clicked for modified notes
  • added Ukrainian localization
  • fixed an issue where part of very long task title maybe lost after sync to the cloud
  • fixed a few issues with graph visualization in Today view
  • fixed an issue where task created/modified date was not set to "now" after copy/paste
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.2.1-3.2.3

  • added Chinese translation
  • bug fixing and stability improvements

Version 3.2.0

  • added configurable actions in notifications area. Check it out at: "MLO Settings - General Settings - Actions in notification area"
  • shortcuts improved with new options: search action, parent for the task, set reminder time to start/due and zoom
  • added All/None command to select contexts or flags in filter
  • added search when selecting contexts for a task
  • bug fixing and stability improvements

Version 3.1.0

  • added functionality to switch views with tap to the task outline header
  • added "Every 4 weeks" and "Every 3 weeks" options to the recurrence setup
  • when tap "Skip occurrence", do not show choice dialog if due date is today or in future
  • fixed an issue where "OK Google" may not work if MLO app is active foreground
  • bug fixing and stability improvements

Version 3.0.0

  • OK Google integration
  • Multi-select edit tasks
  • Text tags
  • Promoted action configuration
  • Actions configuration in toolbar
  • Flags in widget
  • Input parser
  • Task property configuration
  • Views manual update
  • Use fingerprint to unlock profile
  • Completion and skip occurrence command for all selected tasks
  • Select app language different from system language
  • Improved stability and performance

Versions 2.12.1-2.12.16

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.12.0

  • IMPORTANT update: You can now move, copy, cut and delete several selected tasks at once!
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.11.3

  • the latest used snooze time is now available as quick button in notification
  • added font size setup for widget (useful for big screens)
  • "archive completed tasks" and "statistics" added from experimental to released features
  • improved touch response in widget
  • vibration reduced on task completion and local menu opening
  • capitalize first letter for new tasks in outline
  • cloud sync optimizations
  • fixed issues in layout on tablets
  • fixed an issue when old reminders played again if new reminder added
  • fixed an issue where notification of recurrent task not cleared if complete its subtasks
  • fixed an issue with reminders if complete recurrent tasks very fast
  • fixed an issue with lock profile using pin code or password
  • fixed an issue when address is not shown for location assigned to a context
  • fixed an issue with restore default views
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.11.0

  • added archive for old completed tasks as new experimental feature.
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.10.0

  • added Statistics as new experimental feature
  • font style improved for the outline and task preview
  • fixed an issue with manual sorting in views
  • fixed an issue with icons of the views after restore from backup (backup should be re-created with new beta version)
  • fixed an issue when move a task to a new parent the new position might be wrong sometimes
  • fixed an issue with expand/collapse animation in the outline
  • fixed an issue when pin code may be bypassed if start app from widget in some cases
  • fixed an issue with reminder time maybe shifted for several minutes in some cases
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.9.1-2.9.4

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.9.0

  • added backup for your profile data
  • added Date+Project setting for widget
  • added distance for Nearby widget
  • added new view grouping By Next Review
  • Today view now has dynamic space for events on tablet
  • fixed search case sensitive on Android version less than 5.0
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.8.1-2.8.4

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.8.0

  • Added FLAGS functionality! Now you can set flags for tasks on your device, filter tasks by flag and use views with flags.
  • We added this major functionality to the app but all MLO2 Pro users can benefit from using the flags in this update for free!

Version 2.7.1-2.7.2

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.7.0

  • improved work with notes: long notes not displayed in full in task preview until you expand them; edited notes saved as draft if mlo is closed unexpectedly
  • fixed an issue with search where any word searched instead of all words
  • fixed an issue where tasks shared to MLO did not inherit contexts from Inbox
  • fixed an issue where task selection cleared in move task dialog after filter is cleared
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Versions 2.6.1-2.6.3

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.6.0

  • implemented sync conflict resolution. If you change title for the same task on desktop and on android, MLO will help you to resolve the conflict after the sync
  • added transparency settings for widget
  • improved tap response in the task outline
  • fixed an issue with copy/paste task title in outline
  • fixed an issue where context not changed after task move
  • fixed "Hide if zero" behavior for task counters
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.5.1

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.5.0

  • implemented counters for the tasks in views. Glance quickly over the list of views to see how many different tasks require your attention
  • the task outline control completely reworked to use new control from Google
  • added bigger font size for the outline text in MLO Appearance settings
  • you can switch on/off the outline animation in MLO settings
  • you can configure back button to exit app or to open views menu
  • you can select new parent other that inbox when adding new task in widget
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.4.1-2.4.13

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.4.0

  • implemented push background sync with MyLifeOrganized Cloud

Version 2.3.7-2.3.25

  • Improved stability and performance

Version 2.3.6

  • fixed an issue with future reminders after completion of a recurring task
  • fixed an issue where MLO could not share task title to some text apps
  • fixed an issue with manual task ordering
  • fixed issues with grouping in widget
  • fixed an issue where completed copy not created for a recurring task if it was completed in widget
  • fixed an issue in Today view
  • view re-building procedure has been optimized
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.3.2

  • added workspaces, similar to tabs in MLO for desktop
  • workspace setting added to the widget
  • added a new shortcut type to open selected view in MLO
  • new command added to MLO share: "Copy tasks to MLO profile"
  • Back button in Context list now switches to the previous view'
  • added an option to the settings "Quick date selection" to remove OK confirmation in the calendar
  • fixed an issue where view changing in one widget affects another widget
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.2.0

  • added task statistics for the past in Today view. Choose from completed, created, modified or overdue tasks
  • added quick properties icons on top in the edit mode in the Outline.
  • less clicks if set due date for a new task
  • application start time has been improved
  • current profile zoom will be considered in widget now
  • added a setting to snooze or dismiss MLO reminders when you dismiss them from Android notification area
  • fixed an issue when a recurrent task with end date does not stop recurring.
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.1.1

  • implemented the individual reminder settings and repeat alerts for tasks
  • added templates support to create new profiles with different task management approaches
  • added functionality to export custom views from MLO-Android app for backup or to import on other platforms
  • implemented cloud file management from MLO Android app
  • implemented sharing cloud files with other people from MLO Android app for collaboration
  • implemented sharing MLO tasks with calendar
  • added app setting to stop using calendar for date selection since it may cause crashes on Samsung devices
  • added view duplicate functionality
  • reduced animation in UI to speed up the app
  • fixed all known issues with reminders which may not work properly sometimes
  • fixed an issues where start/due dates not updated sometimes after sync
  • fixed an issue with drag&drop
  • fixed several issues with tablet devices
  • fixed an issue where skip occurrence did not consider time
  • fixed an issue where PIN protection dialog removed after 45 days even for PRO version
  • fixed an issue with zoom in Inbox view
  • fixed an issue with notes not saved on tablets if MLO goes to background in the middle of editing
  • fixed several crashes during sync
  • fixed dozen issues reported by our users: in custom views, task editing, sync etc
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.0.1-2.0.17

  • Improved stability and performance

2015-12-01 version 2.0

  • All new MyLifeOrganized 2 for Android
  • Material design interface
  • Universal app for phone and tablet
  • All-new widget
  • PIN protection
  • Edit custom views on device
  • Calendar view
  • Task dependencies and more!

Version 1.6.10

  • Improved auto-sync on app start
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Added more views for widget

Version 1.6.9

  • Added more views for widget
  • Command "Show in Outline" added for all views
  • Added option to skip one occurrence of a recurrent task or all till today
  • Added sorting for views in "All views"
  • Fixed compatibility with new devices without hardware "menu" button
  • All MLO dialogs should be consistent with the current device theme
  • Fixed an issue where a task may lose parent if delete and then undo
  • Fixed an issue where undo doesn't restore modified date
  • Improved stability and performance

Version 1.6.7

  • Fixed Wi-Fi sync with MLO running on Windows 8
  • Fixed rendering for right-to-left languages
  • Fixed an issue where a cloud file may stay locked for some time if sync failed
  • Improved app start time
  • Improved stability

Version 1.6.6

  • Created new view "By Next Alert" to see future reminders
  • Fixed an issue where note not saved if switch from MLO while typing notes
  • Fixed an issue where a long title breaks outline rendering sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where alert sound may play forever
  • Fixed a crash in reminders dialog in some cases
  • Fixed a crash when switching from widget to MLO app in some cases
  • Improved memory usage during synchronization
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.6.5

  • Optimized memory usage with Wi-Fi and Cloud sync. Now the sync is working faster and more stable especially on devices with low memory
  • Added option to disable system backup for MyLifeOrganized data. Use it if you want to disable Android backup for MLO only
  • Fixed issues with dynamic widget
  • Fixed issue where "\n" may appear in notes if sync MLO-iOS -> MLO Cloud -> MLO-Android
  • Fixed issue with sync after time zone change
  • Fixed issue where a task can be added twice sometime if using MLO shortcut or widget
  • Fixed issue with local menu in profiles list
  • Fixed a few crashes (thanks to your reports!)

Version 1.6.4

  • bug fixes

Version 1.6.0

  • Undo for the last operations
  • Repeat for reminders
  • Option to show Project name instead of Context for ToDo views
  • Integration with third-party backup apps (including MyBackup)
  • Special version for devices without Google available for download on our site
  • Improved load speed and battery usage
  • Many fixes and improvements based on your feedback in reviews and on forum

Version 1.5.3

  • bugfixes

Version 1.5.0

  • Automatic sync with MLO-Cloud
  • View your Nearby tasks on a map
  • Get reminders if you have active tasks in your current location! You can setup a schedule for location monitoring or completely disable it
  • Set individual sound for each task with reminder
  • New scrollable widget for Android 3.1+
  • "Skip all occurrences" command for recurrent tasks
  • You can set radius for your contexts to be included to Nearby view
  • Many fixes and improvements based on your feedback in reviews and on forum!

Version beta.

  • Fixed context dependency issues
  • Fixed adding to calendar tasks without dates
  • Fixed issue with date inheritance
  • Fixed issue with displaying subtasks in Task Info
  • Improved Cloud sync performance
  • Fixed a few crashes

Version beta.

  • Fixed all known crashes

Version beta.

  • Fixed a few minor issues
  • Added HTC-Pen support (swipe with pen to complete a task or move when pen button pressed)

Version beta.

  • New task panel reworked. Voice input added.
  • Added badges counters on home screen. You can setup them in settings.
  • Complete your tasks right from the Large widget.
  • Implemented local settings for date format in MLO
  • Implemented setting to use "today", "tomorrow", "yesterday" and days of week for current week
  • Added default settings for MLO reminders (select different sound, vibration, led)
  • If configured in settings the badge for Nearby view should be updated automatically according to your location.
  • Improved Cloud and WiFi sync speed
  • List of subtasks added to Task Info dialog
  • Star added to Task Properties
  • Hidden branch shown dimmed
  • Optimized application first start speed.
  • Implemented setting context location on map
  • Fixed issue where reminders triggered again after any app install
  • Fixed issue where tasks placed incorrectly in Due Next N days view
  • Fixed issue where widget may not load on some devices
  • Fixed issue where widget may not be updated sometimes
  • Fixed issue where tasks may not sync sometimes if exit MLO right after changes
  • Fixed issue where text may disappear from new task input control after rotation of the device
  • Optimized battery usage

Version beta.

  • Bug fixes

Version beta.

  • Bug fixes

Version beta.

  • Search implemented. Find it in menu for the home screen or for current view
  • Global search implemented. Register MLO for global search in Android settings
  • Added custom sorting for the following views: Active Actions, Active by Context, Active by Project (find it in menu for these views)
  • New views added to widget. Widget will show actual todo list depending on the current time or location
  • Added completion check box to reminders window
  • Send tasks from other applications to MLO. For example send tasks from K9 mail client or from Evernote to MLO.
  • Send tasks from MLO to other application using Share. (for example send email with MLO task)
  • Added functionality to add MLO tasks to calendar. Long tap on a task and select "Add to calendar..."
  • Optimized speed of the Cloud and WiFi sync
  • New views added: Active Starred and Active Goals
  • Tap on widget caption to change its settings on the fly
  • Tap on widget group item to jump to other group quickly (thanks beta testers for the idea!)
  • MLO Shortcut added. Use Android shortcut feature to place MLO shortcut on screen to add tasks quickly
  • WiFi or Cloud icons added to toolbar. Cloud icon indicates if there are local modifications
  • Added setting "Keep MLO running longer" to prevent app unload by OS while in background if possible
  • Added closed/open hours display in Context properties
  • Contexts are sorted alphabetically everywhere now
  • Tap on task in reminder will open Task Info now
  • Fixed issue where MLO could exit without reporting any errors
  • Fixed issue where Active Actions view shows the task 1 min later than start time
  • Fixed issue where recurrence explanation text did not use system date format
  • Fixed issue where ToDo sorting may be different from desktop after sync with some settings.
  • Fixed issue where task with open dependency showed as Active Action in Task Info dialog.
  • Fixed issue where hidden contexts were still listed in filter or task property selector
  • Fixed ballistic scrolling for task notes in edit mode
  • Fixed issue where added on device context not synchronized to Desktop
  • Fixed issue where new profile from template may not be created on 2.1 or 1.6 devices

Version beta.

  • Fixed issue where sync may stop working in rare cases (Thanks to everyone who helped us to localize the problem!)
  • Fixed issue with inertial scrolling on some devices with 2.3.3

Version beta.

  • Added three types of widgets to see the Starred view
  • Implemented voice task input for widgets
  • Locations and NearBy view! Set locations for contexts. Open NearBy view to see tasks near you
  • Reminder service removed from the system to use less memory
  • Added setting to disable MLO reminders
  • Fixed issue where removed context not removed on Android side after sync
  • Fixed issue where reminder triggered 1 min late
  • Fixed issue where reminders for subtasks of recurrent task not restored after recurrence

Version beta.

  • Important bug fixes to the previous builds 806 and 822

Version beta.

  • Implemented Reminders! Get alerted in Android notification area even if MyLifeOrganized is not running. Snooze or dismiss the reminders. Open alerted task in MyLifeOrganized with a single click.
  • Implemented Task Info dialog with task summary.  Select it from the local menu or configure to open when you click on a task
  • The Task Info dialog shows information if the current task is an Active Action or Inactive Action (with explanations)
  • If task does not have subtasks then tapping on it will open Task Info dialog
  • The Task Info dialog shows reminder snooze time together with original reminder time (if this reminder was snoozed)
  • You can complete or star a task in Task Info dialog
  • You can navigate to the next or previous *expanded* task in the current view from Task Info dialog
  • You can change the current view without returning to home screen. Just click on the header with the current view name
  • You can rearrange the views order in the new view selection dialog
  • Added possibility to move MLO application to SD card (do it in Android Settings->Applications->MyLifeOrganized)
  • Added warning if recurrence would be changed with changing of the date.
  • Tutorial updated with new functionality added
  • Fixed force-close issue when exit MLO with some specific settings
  • Fixed issue where notes for new task might be not saved
  • Fixed issue with editing dates of recurrent tasks
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Version beta.

  • Added WiFi sync as free alternative to recommended Cloud Sync Service. (to sync with desktop please install latest MLO for Windows version 3.5.9 or higher)
  • Added options to ask/not ask confirmation on app exit
  • Optimized memory usage
  • fixed issue where home screen was not fully visible on small devices
  • bug fixes

Version beta.

  • bug fixes in MLO Log Sender
  • MLO Log Sender renamed to Report Problem
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version beta.

  • Added creating a Tutorial if install MLO for the first time. If you updating existing MLO then you can create the Tutorial by creating new Profile from this template: Settings->Profiles->[Menu]->New...->Create from template->Tutorial
  • Improved speed when loading profiles
  • Fixed issue with recurrent tasks setting "Use time" after completion
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version beta.

  • Fixed issues with move mode in Inbox
  • Fixed a few Force Close issues in move mode.
  • Fixed an issue with completion a task in By Project view

Version beta.

  • Added move mode. Switch it On in menu and Drag&Drop tasks in your outline.
  • Use swipe left/right gestures to promote/demote a task in the outline
  • MLO should work now on Android tablets like Xoom (in emulation mode)
  • Added And/Or in context filter
  • Added options to change context on task move to new parent
  • In move mode “+” button will add a task as sibling to the selected task not to the root
  • Fixed issue where context lost included contexts after sync
  • Fixed filter by context in starred view
  • Fixed an issue where Copy/Paste tasks may not sync to Cloud
  • Fixed weekly recurrence issue
  • Fixed a number of Force Close issues
  • minor fixes and improvements

2011-03-21 version beta. Initial release

  • Hierarchical to-do list: organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks until you have reasonably sized actions.
  • Next Actions: get only next actions automatically in different views like Active by Context or Active by Project.
  • MLO Smart To-Do Sorting based on the Computed-Score priority
  • Filter actions by context
  • Inbox for rapid task entry
  • Recurring and regenerating tasks
  • Starred tasks: highlight your important tasks
  • Zoom: concentrate on a specific branch of tasks
  • Bookmarks: jump quickly to any branch in your task outline
  • Supporting of Cloud sync service
  • Collaborate with other people using MLO Cloud service
  • Sync to MyLifeOrganized for Windows*
  • Templates for different task management systems are included to MyLifeOrganized for Desktop to help you start quickly with your own task management system.