MLO for Windows: Change Log

2024-02-04 version 6.0.4

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 6.0.3

  • added sorting for the following columns: context, project completion %, parent, path, folder name, top level folder, top level project, time, last reviewed
  • added the ability to change the Project Status in the task tree column
  • project statuses "In progress" and "Suspended" are displayed in different colors in the task tree
  • added the ability to assign a hotkey to "Manage Dashboard" and "Hide/Show recent dashboards"
  • added a click on the Recurrence column to change task recurrence
  • improved hotkeys behavior in Rapid Task Entry dialog
  • hotkeys for "Underline" and "Highlight" commands added to the list for customization
  • you can now change the Next Review date in the appropriate column in task tree
  • added tooltip for a long task name in the Reminders window
  • added Spanish tutorial
  • fixed an issue where the TopLevelProject column used TopLevelParent in error when sorting
  • fixed an issue where the search result did not retain the current sorting when the search parameters were changed
  • fixed an issue with spaces in links for markdown
  • fixed an issue with Outlook sync when custom view used to sync tasks
  • fixed an issue with Google Calendar sync sometimes when port is locked
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 6.0.2

  • improved dashboards import/export functionality: export only selection, add views to the export
  • added Chinese language to the app and installation
  • fixed an issue with sorting the tasks by creation date in the search panel
  • fixed an issue with rounding in project completion % calculation
  • fixed an issue when the tasks selection dialog not scrolled to the focused task sometimes
  • fixed an issue when minimize to tray option did not work in dark theme
  • fixed an issue when a task could not be added from the command line if mlo already running in the dark theme
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 6.0.1

  • fixed an issue of task duplication when moving tasks with cutting (cut/paste) in the dark theme
  • fixed an issue with updating counters in the dark theme
  • fixed an issue where the global shortcut key for adding tasks didn't work in the dark theme
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

New MyLifeOrganized 6 is here!

  • Note: free or paid upgrade with a new activation code required to use MLO6 after a free trial period.

  • Dark theme!
  • Dashboards. A great way to display multiple views in one place
    (menu: View->New Dashboard)
  • Triggers and Actions. Praise yourself! Actions like completing or reviewing a task can trigger playing a sound, showing a notification and more. After the update, just try to complete a weekly goal to see how it works
    (menu: Tools->Options->Triggers&Actions)
  • Improved reminder window (multiple selection, columns, "read" status, etc.)
  • User-friendly Markdown in Notes
  • Date shift when creating a new file or task branch from a template
  • Added a new view counter for Time Required
  • New setting for counters: "Ignore folders"
  • Counters in view pane now use less space
  • The app is now multilingual. Added: Ukrainian, German and Spanish. More languages are coming soon
  • Single installation for all languages and language switching directly in the application settings
  • Improved app behavior on touch screens
  • More than 50 small issues fixed and handy improvements added
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Looking for a way to support us - join our Gold club!
  • We will keep improving MLO6 and the nearest plans are:
    - Improve dark mode and look and feel for high-DPI monitors
    - Improve reminders
    - Improvements for organizing tasks
    - Sync conflict resolving improvements
    - Improve current features and add new ones based on your feedback
    - and more
  • Note: according to our policy if you skip this paid upgrade with discount the next major MLO Windows upgrade will be of full price for you.

    Learn more why it is beneficial to upgrade.

Version 5.2.1

  • fixed an issue with task selection in the tree after task properties changes (issue introduced in the previous build)
  • fixed an issue with calendar sync when deprecated appkey is used sometimes
  • fixed an issue with parsing when US format 12/31/22 parsed as 31/12/22
  • bug fixing and stability improvements

Version 5.2.0

  • added an interactive tutorial. Run it from the menu: Help->Interactive Tutorials->MyLifeOrganized Intro
  • the behavior of the reminder window has been redesigned to not distract the user when a reminder appears
  • installer was redesigned to better support installation for current user or all users
  • added Ukrainian localization as a separate installer - Slava Ukraine! More languages in future releases
  • parsing reworked to support more languages in the future releases
  • better loading of images in Markdown notes (no need for third party dll anymore)
  • scaling of textual task notes in Markdown format on high resolution (hi-dpi) monitors has been improved
  • fixed an issue when reminder dismissed/snoozed from the task preview was not removed from the reminders window
  • fixed a few minor issues in views import/export
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.1.4

  • TextTag added to the print reports
  • improved calendar sync
  • "tomorrow" and "yesterday" functions added to the advanced filter setup
  • removed error messages if sync using command line mode
  • fixed an issue where user could hide last column and there is no access to the Columns local menu after that
  • fixed an issue where child task with reminder not removed from the reminders window if parent task (recurrent or not) moved to the future
  • fixed crash when switching tabs sometimes
  • added registry key "fixVTVEditAutoAdjustSizeDelta" for workaround the issues on Wine/Crossover with in-place editor width in the task tree
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.1.3

  • added option to import/export app hotkeys to MLO XML
  • added optimization if many flags used in the app
  • added more information to the dialog File - Properties
  • improved views import/export
  • improved export to Excel
  • improvements if sync to local files and archive to files with password
  • added silence mode to the installer (preparations to publish MLO to the new Microsoft Store)
  • fixed an issue where default reminder settings were not initialized to the task if it already had reminder in the past
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.1.2

  • application performance is accelerated due to data file optimization
  • increased synchronization speed with the cloud
  • improved import/export of views
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.1.1

  • improved sync with Google Calendar
  • added option to exclude reminders when syncing with Google Calendar
  • improved feature insert file links to the task note: select several items at once, markdown format applied
  • improved tabs export/import: all tabs options and icons supported. Now you can backup all your tab settings with File->Export...
  • click on a date in StartDate column will activate StartDate control in Property Inspector now
  • TextTag added to the Context export/import option
  • fixed an issue with goals group sorting order
  • fixed an issue where MLO url link opened from Chrome resulted in ml file not found
  • fixed an issue where menu ignores "&" in the context name
  • change: hotkeys with single char are not allowed anymore to avoid typing conflicts
  • change: format for TextTag of completed tasks uses the same format as contexts now
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.1.0

  • MyLifeOrganized is now looking good on High-DPI displays!
  • MyLifeOrganized requires Windows Vista or greater now. The latest version for Windows XP is 5.0.8
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.8

  • fixed issues with sync to Google Calendar
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Versions 5.0.6-5.0.7

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.5

  • added confirmation before closing the tab with default configuration
  • if you select the task and its subtasks, then when copying the subtasks are no longer duplicated
  • improved synchronization behavior and loss of Internet connection
  • fixed bug with shift of start date if you set start and then due date to the future by shortcuts
  • fixed bug with context assignment when dragging task with Ctrl pressed
  • fixed some shortcut assignment issues
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.4

  • added new option "Append missed contexts from new parent" when move/copy/drag tasks
  • for a recurrent task that regenerates x time after it is done it is now possible to reschedule the due date in local menu in outline or task properties. No need to open recurrence dialog.
  • added new command to the date local menu: "Set Equal to Start Date"/"Set Equal to Due Date"
  • sort subtasks is now available for any view
  • added a hotkey configuration for Google Calendar sync
  • added disconnect from Outlook sync command
  • fixed an IMPORTANT issue where part of a long title (>255 symbols) synced to the cloud could be lost
  • fixed an issue where Tabs visibility status not restored after app restart
  • fixed an issue where status bar visibility not stored after app restart
  • fixed an issue where warning message is shown ("This app isn't verified by Google") when configure sync with Google Calendar
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.3

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.2

  • added new compact theme with reduced line spacing between views and smaller fonts. The sizes are similar to MLO4. Useful for small laptops.
    Select compact theme from menu: Tools -> Options -> Themes and Formatting -> Select Theme -> Compact and click Apply.
  • added possibility to change horizontal lines color for the task tree in themes
  • added more settings for themes and fixed known issues
  • added option to hide workspace tabs (menu: View->Workspace tabs)
  • added functionality to show task summary in the status bar only for selected tasks
    I.e. you can select several tasks to see how much time is needed for them
  • added commonly used OPML format for import/export
  • added command line parameter -saveOPML
  • fixed issues with notes color and background changed in themes
  • fixed an issue where context and dates are still crossed out and grayed even if it is not set for completed tasks in the theme
  • fixed an issue where progress bar overlaps highlighted task title
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 5.0.1

  • bug fixes and stability improvements

All New MyLifeOrganized for Windows Version 5.0.0

  • Note: free or paid upgrade with new activation code required to use MLO5 after trial period.

  • UI completely reworked for new look and feel
  • 2-way Sync of tasks with dates with Google Calendar
  • Format notes with Markdown
  • Task counters for views
  • New Text Tag property added to tasks for search, group and sort tasks
  • Extended set of the hotkeys
  • Automatic sync with the cloud improved
  • Use SSL to send email notifications from MLO using gmail etc
  • Added sorting tasks by clicking on the header in the task list
  • Complete several selected tasks at once
  • New dialog to manage views
  • Task properties divided to preview and edit modes
  • Added status bar to show info like total tasks in view, total time required etc
  • Added functionality where all views rebuild themselves in MLO each 5 min if user is inactive for more than 30 sec at that moment. Needed to add active tasks to view while the app is inactive if it is the time for it.
  • Improved text filtering
  • Fixed issues with tabs and pinned tabs
  • Fixed an issue with not updated task title in reminders window after it is changed in outline or property section
  • Fixed an issue with rapid task entry dialog which could be activated before password is entered for MLO data file
  • More than 70 small issues fixed and handy improvements added
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • We will keep improving MLO5 and the nearest plans are:
  • Improve MLO5 look and feel for high-DPI monitors
  • Improve Markdown usage
  • Improve info in the status bar
  • Improve current features and add new ones based on your feedback
  • and more
  • Note: according to our policy if you skip this paid upgrade with discount the next major MLO Windows upgrade will be of full price for you.

    Learn more why it is beneficial to upgrade.

Version 4.4.8

  • added an option to save default settings for reminders in the setup dialog instead of pop-up message asking for confirmation every time when reminder settings got changed
  • task added to MLO through Rapid Task Entry is not selected in Inbox anymore to keep your current focus
  • fixed an issue when sometimes text in the reminder input could be changed unexpectedly while the reminder's time is being entered
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.6

  • improved cloud sync stability
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.5

  • when copy/paste or duplicate a task the new creation date will be assigned to the new task
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.4

  • "More changes" link will not ask Admin password anymore on new updates
  • added new parameter for grouping tasks "By Next Review"
  • fixed an issue with views import with non-USA locale on Windows
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.3

  • Fixed an issue with hotkeys assigning
  • The outline is now activated when previous task selected with Alt+Left
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.2

  • Fixed an issue with cut tasks caused a crash on Windows 10 sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where too many modifications detected and MLO may show this warning dialog many times
  • Fixed several crashes in sync
  • Added support for future new flag icons from android app
  • Improved save data file to avoid conflicts with google drive
  • Fixed an issue where date inheritance not cleared after set date in parsing with -d, -s keys
  • Fixed an issue where locked tab when duplicated did not restore current focused task.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.1

  • Added Ctrl+A to Rapid Task Entry dialog to select all text in it
  • Change: seconds removed from Insert time command
  • Change: warning and archive suggestion shown if 7000+ tasks are synced to the cloud
  • Change: the task will not be green color (marked as Active in the outline) if all assigned contexts are closed now
  • Change: removed 1 ms timer in the outline control which prevented Windows 10 to optimize the power on notebooks
  • Fixed Redo in task notes (Shift+Ctrl+Z) performed as Undo
  • Fixed a crash if insert a new task (Ins) and click Alt+Down
  • Fixed an issue where sync freezes if flag icon file is broken
  • Fixed an issue where yellow notification sign maybe shown in statusbar sometimes without a reason
  • Fixed a crash showing "Node must not be nil...".
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.4.0

  • Contexts set to a task are now alphabetically sorted in the list
  • Selected contexts are now on top in the context selection dialog
  • Added "Starred" and "StartDate" to the parsing preview
  • Added full file path to File->Properties
  • Added hotkey configuration for the "Hide the branch in todo" property (Alt+E)
  • Added added -r switch to set reminders in parsing
  • Change: after tab switched and if no task selection found the list will be scrolled to the top. Previously it stayed on the same position as in previous tab
  • Change: Ctrl+W hotkey will not close pinned tab now
  • Fixed an issue when columns may lost their positions sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V/Ctrl+X (copy tasks and text) stop working in the helper windows (opened with F3)
  • Fixed an issue where inactive reminders not removed from Reminders dialog after task moved to future using local menu in the task list
  • Fixed an issue where ProjectStatus filter shows even tasks which are not in projects
  • Fixed an issue where undo did not work correctly after paste to the task notes
  • Fixed an issue where notes, task title and other text fields not saved if using hotkeys to select other task property
  • Fixed an issue when Rapid Task Entry content may not be saved right after text entered to it and app closed
  • Fixed an issue where time may not be set correctly when configure recurrence
  • Improved wifi and cloud synchronization
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.3.3

  • Fixed issue where "Sort Subtasks..." command did not work for Flags, Starred, and NextReview
  • Fixed sorting issues for custom views in some cases
  • Added video tutorial links
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 4.3.2

  • Standard version features arranged according to the Version Comparision table on the website
  • Optimization of the Computed-Scored sorting algorithm for tasks with start/due time
  • When sorting the lists by date the items with time are on the top now
  • Added closer integration with our new web site
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 4.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where cloud sync stopped working for some users.
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.3.0

  • Improved cloud sync speed if there are many tasks in the file
  • Improved autosync algorithm: sync will start automatically if there are modifications and several minutes of inactivity in MLO app
  • Set "bold" to the title of sections where you have modified task properties
  • Change: default views "Start/Due Next XX days" are based on Available (not Active) now to show tasks even if they are blocked with dependency and/or complete in order setting.
  • Added a configurable hotkey (Shift+Ctrl+P) to toggle project status of the selected projects
  • The view used in Select Task dialog is saved now after you restart MLO application
  • Added setting: "Do not archive subtasks of open projects and recurring tasks"
  • If SMTP is not configured in MLO you can ignore future email sending errors on this computer. Useful when MLO installed on several computers and only one should send reminders by email
  • Fixed several issues in views export so that these exported views maybe used on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue where random application window maybe activated after you close Reminder Dialog in MLO
  • Fixed an issue where "-star" not parsed.
  • Fixed an issue where Lock Period not considered if set Start/Due in columns
  • Fixed an issue where HideCompleted option not stored for Select Task dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where local menu not opened when you hit keyboard key "Local menu"
  • Fixed an issue where pinned tab weird if change its title
  • Fixed an issue where autosave may show a confirmation dialog if you are changing context for a task
  • Fixed an issue where icons may not be loaded from some *.ico files
  • Fixed an issue in Next X days function calculation where result may show one day less

Version 4.2.2

  • Implemented view duplication by Ctrl+<Drag> or local menu in views tree
  • Change: warning added that all selected views should be saved before exporting
  • Change: changed ascending/descending direction if tasks sorted by flags
  • Bugfix: date of existing tasks may be shifted after importing a template
  • Bugfix: long list of views was not visible in local menu or in task selection dialog
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.1

  • Fixed issue where some hotkeys work only if the task tree is focused
  • Fixed issue where in some very rare cases a task deleted on iPhone/Android is NOT deleted on Desktop after the sync.
  • Fixed issue where icon to close tab not shown after adding tab by reference command
  • Fixed issue with restoring default views if using different localization of MLO
  • Fixed issue where empty flag added to new file if using localized version of MLO
  • Fixed issue where reminder time maybe shifted sometimes on desktop after sync with iPhone or Android
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.0

  • Implemented new text filter in the filter panel (use Ctrl-L / Ctrl-Shift-L)
  • Implemented new flag filter in the filter panel
  • Implemented new task references filter. Right click on a task and select one of the commands: "Tasks that depend on this task..." or "Tasks that link to this task..."
  • Implemented text filter in the task selection dialog (when select a task for moving for example)
  • Do not archive a completed task (with its branch) if other tasks depend on this task with delay
  • Added autosync warnings: 1) if too many modifications and sync not started once the file is open 2) if the location of the file has changed since the last sync
  • Added actions with configured hotkeys to the new windows (opened with F3): expand/collapse; copy/cut/past/duplicate; new task/subtask/folder/project; delete; undo/redo and others
  • The Modification Time of the task is preserved when task synced from cloud (it was set to Now before)
  • The counter "how many tasks assigned to a context" in the context filter section will also show the counters for the hierarchical views.
  • Added storage of the notes panel height
  • Esc will clear text filter (or search) first and then minimizes the app (if configured)
  • Ctrl-W to close current tab
  • Fixed issue after clicking Tab key while inplace editing in the outline
  • Fixed issue where recent files not removed from the list in the File menu if they do not exit anymore
  • Fixed issue where archiving does not work if password set to the work file or to the archive file
  • Fixed issue with Czech keyboard
  • Fixed reset default button for hotkeys was not visible
  • Fixed issue where double click on a task in To-Do does not select this task in Outline sometimes (thanks to Dwight and all beta testers!)
  • Fixed issue where File->Properties->File Size = 0 right after file load and before save.
  • Fixed issue where sections not highlighted on mouse over if some sections are hidden
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 4.1.1

  • Added Indent/Outdent/Up/Down commands to the toolbar
  • Added "[closed]" postfix to the contexts in the filter which are currently closed
  • Improved reminders alert window
  • Added the following data to the MLO XML/Template file: Workspaces, Auto-format rules and icons; Icons for views
  • Show immediate subtasks statistics for the selected task in "Task Statistics" section:
  • Subtasks: <all> | <Completed> | <Hidden in current view>
  • Added confirmation if you are trying to delete a task and there are subtasks invisible in the current view.
  • When template imported or new task created from a template the minimal found date is now shifted to today and other dates are shifted accordingly to the difference from this date. This way the template can be used for current date preserving date difference between tasks.
  • Redesigned Registration dialog
  • Fixed issue where right property panel did not store the size on MLO maximize. Maximize state not restored sometimes.
  • Fixed issue where focused task was not scrolled in view after filter change (Hide Completed for example)
  • Fixed issue where tasks with wrong date received by parser not visible in the outline and could not be deleted
  • Fixed issue where context editor may be hidden sometimes after app resize
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 4.1.0

  • Added assigning icons to the tabs. You can assign a custom icon or show the icon of the current view.
  • Added assigning hotkeys to the tabs
  • Added new "Delayed Dependency" feature. The task will be added to the Active Actions list N days after the depended tasks are completed. For example, you can start working on a task in 3 days after other task(s) completed. You should set this option on Desktop for new Android version to support it after the sync. The other mobile versions do not support this feature for now.
  • Added feature to lock default settings for a tab
  • To explain why a task is Inactive the Action Status added to the Inspector (Task Statistics section)
  • Added hints for the tabs with long names and pinned tabs.
  • Change: Archiving old completed tasks will not archive the subtasks from open Projects and open Recurrence tasks anymore. You need to complete a project or recurrent task for archiving their subtasks.
  • Change: Hidden branches are not considered in project % calculation anymore
  • Added sync for Review fields (change the tasks with review and sync them)
  • Added checking conflict with already assigned hotkeys when assign hotkey for: action, view, workspace, flag and context.
    Note: several contexts can be still assigned to one hotkey and the list of the contexts will be shown in this case.
  • Redesigned dialogs for new file and for configuration of the first sync profile
  • Added hint for Mark Reviewed column
  • Click on Mark Reviewed button in task properties will configure the current task for review even if it was not configured for review yet.
  • The same date/time format is used for printing reports as for dates in the task tree
  • Number of important fixes to improve stability. Thanks to all who reported the issues in MLO 4.0!
  • Fixed issues with Search panel in Large Fonts (non-standard DPI) Windows modes
  • Fixed encoding projects to task titles
  • Fixed issue in context editor where included contexts may remain even after deleting them
  • Fixed issue where Outlook sync with specified view configured in MLO 3.x not processed correctly in MLO v.4
  • Fixed issue where View Folder and Review not imported to XML
  • Fixed issue where app exit, new file, file open operations were possible during auto-sync process
  • Fixed crash when restoring default views while you have many tabs open
  • Fix: Main menu component replaced to other component since some people reported freeze if accessing main menu
  • Fixed issue where MLO prevents Win7 shutdown due to started auto-sync. The auto-sync should complete before Win7 shuts down now
  • Fixed issue where Alt+Tab click while popup dialog shown (tab properties) will show three different part of this popup window (frame, panel, control inside it)
  • Fixed issue where new Reopen items may be Disabled after adding to the Reopen menu
  • Fixed issue where task property sections could be dropped to the filter sections

Version 4.0

  • New refreshed user interface with toolbar and realigned controls
  • Tabs (workspaces) to make it easy to manage complex task lists
  • Views hierarchy in the left panel to change a view with a single click
  • More powerful predefined views added
  • Assign icons for views
  • New powerful task path control
  • Open tasks in new window to drag&drop your tasks from one part of the outline to another visible in the same time
  • Advanced hierarchical filtering – more power to create your custom views
  • Review functionality – make it easy to perform your reviews (including GTD weekly reviews)
  • Automatic cloud synchronization – never forget to sync your data to the cloud anymore
  • You can use theme editor to set bigger size for custom icons assigned for flags or automatic formatting
  • Password protection to open your data files

Version 3.6.3

  • Fixed crash when click Ins in notes to create new tasks
  • Fixed issue with Polish characters

Version 3.6.2

  • Mouse wheel will work even if control is not focused but mouse moving over it. For example you can scroll contexts in filter or search result even without activating these controls
  • Improved cloud sync stability
  • Cloud sync is 1-2 sec faster now
  • Added support for OneNote links in MLO notes
  • The incremental search for international characters in the tree view control is case insensitive now
  • Fixed context auto-complete
  • Fixed issue where MLO could not start under wine
  • Fixed issue with resizing columns in search pane
  • Check for update: "Skip this version" added
  • Fixed issue with displaying the hint for long notes when moving mouse over the note icon in the task tree
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.6.1

  • Fixed issue where sync may stop working with error  "The directory name is invalid"
  • Fixed issue where words not selected in notes after search
  • Fixed issues with installer
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.6.0

  • Added full UNICODE support
  • Improved Cloud sync
  • Now folders do not participate in calculation of Project completion %
  • Fixed issues related to Cloud sync
  • Fixed issue with sorting goals
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.9

  • Added wifi sync support for MLO-Android.
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.8

  • imporvements and fixes for wifi sync module
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.7

  • feature: Implemented Wi-Fi sync sever to be used with MLO on mobile devices soon (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • feature: Optimized Cloud sync performance
  • feature: "Hide Completed" option is now ON by default for the Task Selection dialog and saved while MLO is open.
  • feature: confirmation dialog shown if modified reminders settings should be stored as default for new reminders
  • change: BlackBerry USB sync: it is needed to exit BlackBerry Software now before starting MLO USB sync to avoid conflicts and crashes.
  • bugfix: fixed issue with "Ends with" function in Automatic Formatting
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.6

  • feature: Improved MLO Cloud sync stability if using proxy.
  • featrue: Added compatibility with MLO-BlackBerry reminders
  • feature: Added future compatibility with MLO-iPhone and MLO-Android.
  • bugfix: fixed issue if Cut command executed several times before Paste. Internal task ID duplicated preventing normal sync later.
  • bugfix: minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.5

  • feature: Sync to MLO Cloud. Use it to sync with MLO on other devices.
  • feature: Sync to MLO-BlackBerry using USB connection
  • feature: improved performance and stability
  • bugfix: number of fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.3

  • improved MLO stability with some complex To-Do filters.

Version 3.5.2

  • feature: dependency counter added to file properties
  • bugfix: fixed Overdue tasks calculation in file properties.
  • bugfix: fixed "Out of system resources" issue when open big files sometimes
  • bugfix: minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.1

  • feature: file properties showing simple statistics for created, completed, modified etc tasks. Click menu File->Properties.
  • bugfix: In some rare instances MLO may freeze preventing you to save your recent changes. Thanks to Bob for help in troubleshooting this issue.
  • bugfix: minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.0

  • feature: manual ordering of To-Do list. Just drag a task in To-Do to switch to manual sorting mode and rearrange the tasks for the current view as you like.
  • feature: set star for tasks to view them in new Starred view. Sync Starred view with manual sorting to MLO-PocketPC. Starred view has predefined settings and you cannot change them.
  • feature: use Ctrl+Click for alternative completion for the tasks (create completed copy, move current task to the end of list). Useful feature to implement Autofocus and other systems. We have plans to customize actions for Alternative complete in the future.
  • feature: added indicator that a task in dependency list cannot be completed (it is hidden, folder etc)
  • feature: Copy/Paste color coding and flags.
  • feature: Dependency: Copy/Paste/Duplicate, Import/Export to XML, stored in templates on desktop.
  • feature: sync color coding.
  • feature: added settings to ignore contexts, flags, stars, color coding, goals when sync to other data file located on LAN or FTP. Useful when you setup collaboration and want to keep some parameters as private
  • feature: use parsing in RTE or Outline to move a task to a project, folder or other task: –toprj<ProjectName>, -tofld<FolderName> -to<TaskName>. Example: “Call Bob tomorrow –toprjNewProject”
  • feature: parse goals in RTE or Outline –g<GoalName>. Example –gWeek or –gw
  • feature: use –s or –start to put date only to start date filed when parsing in RTE or Outline: "Call Bob tomorrow -s"
  • feature: use –d or –due to put date only to due date field when parsing in RTE or Outline: "Send report -due in 5d"
  • feature: all tasks inserted from RTE are selected in Outline now
  • feature: flags added to parsing. Use –flRed or -flGreen
  • feature: use right mouse button for drag&drop for alternative operations: Add to dependency, Add links to notes.
  • feature: new columns added: “Dependency Counter” – how many tasks depend on current task, “Folder” – the name of the folder, “Top Level Folder” – the name of the top level folder, “Occurrences Left” – for recurrent tasks how many occurrences left, "Time" to display time part of the task dates (can be used to create calendar-like view in To-Do)
  • feature: new grouping added: “Folder”, “Top Level Folder”
  • feature: new fields in filter added: FolderName, TopLevelFolderName, ParentName, DependencyCounter, OccurrencesLeft, BookmarkIndex (index of the bookmark for the current task or -1 if it is not bookmarked).
  • feature: switch +@ for parser to add contexts (not replace) for task: Example “Call Bob +@ phone”
  • feature: columns configuration in search result saved to current data file
  • feature: Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDown to switch Outline/ToDo
  • feature: “New folder” command added to local menu
  • feature: keep selected task active when hide/unhide completed tasks
  • feature: new hotkeys: Toggle Folder , Toggle Star
  • feature: sync reminders with Outlook
  • feature: new Outlook UDF fields MLOStarred, MLOToDoPos (position of the task in the To-Do view selected for sync)
  • bugfix: Outlook did not update UDF for new items synced from MLO sometimes
  • feature: new command: “Collapse all except selection”
  • feature: collapse/expand hotkeys will work in task selection dialog
  • feature: added a hotkey for Reminders Window
  • feature: Undo after insert tasks from RTE
  • feature: show number of tasks assigned for the flag
  • feature: Flags and Starred added to print report and Excel export
  • feature: Importance/Urgency/Effort parameters can be changed in the corresponded column from local menu
  • change: flags should have only unique names now
  • change: Automatic Formatting has been optimized to speed up painting
  • change: improved behavior of the reminder default time in UI
  • change: sync from command line in console mode will not show the progress bar dialog anymore
  • change: computed-score To-Do sorting algorithm has been improved. Thanks to Bob Pankratz for the new update!
  • change: Outlook sync with latest version of GTD Add-in has been improved. Thanks to Josh Powell for his effort here!
  • change: groups in to-do are now counting number of total subtasks but not number of subgroups
  • change: improved sync via ActiveSync with PocketPC
  • change: when sorting tasks by flags the current order of the flags is considered
  • bugfix: columns configuration for To-Do view lost sometimes
  • bugfix: fixed issue when empty <Inbox> is created after sync to PPC sometimes
  • bugfix: start date calendar always defaults to Oct 2007
  • bugfix: closing the contexts dialog should refresh the To Do view
  • bugfix: -tmax did not work in parsing
  • bugfix: incremental search when you type in outline did not work sometimes
  • bugfix: minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.0.1

  • feature: right click on start and due date columns in the task list to change the date. You can also select the range in the calendar to set both start and due dates
  • feature: new option to group dates in the Outline only by day and not by week, month etc. Check it here: Tools->Options->Behaviour->Advanced Options
  • feature: new option to group dates in the To-Do views only by day and not by week, month etc. Check it here: To-Do tab ->Filter->Group by
  • feature: MLOFlag is synced to Outlook as UDF field
  • feature: added new fields to use in filtering and color coding: TopLevelProjectName, TopLevelParentName, ProjectCompletionPercent
  • feature: search options are saved and restored on mlo start
  • change: start date is not highlighted anymore in the list if it is in the future
  • change: the current task is scrolled to view when you open the dialog to select tasks for dependency
  • change: sync progress dialog is not displayed anymore if used command line sync in console mode
  • change: active actions scheduled for future are not painted with green color in the task list anymore
  • bugfix: mlo crashed during sync if big custom icons loaded from file and used in flags
  • bugfix: minor fixes in color coding
  • bugfix: notes are not saved for a task if shortcut Ctr+= to change date is used
  • bugfix: default autoformat rules were not created if new data file created from sync dialog
  • bugfix: recurrence settings dropped if changing date for multiple selected tasks
  • bugfix: fixed blinking of the hints for icons in the task list

2009-05-29 version 3.0.0

  • feature: change properties of several selected tasks.
  • feature improved task tree view look and feel. Progress bars for projects, hint for notes and the icons, select contexts, goals, flags from drop down menu in the corresponded column and more.
  • feature. folders. The task property "Hide Task in ToDo" has been renamed to "Folder". So now if you select Folder property for a task the “actionable” checkbox will be removed and this task will be transformed to a container of other tasks.
  • feature: more columns. Right click on the header and select the columns. The configuration is saved for each view.
  • feature: themes. You can use predefined MLO themes or create your own theme by defining format for MLO elements and predefined types of tasks. Click Tools->Options->Themes and Formatting ->Themes.
  • feature: automatic formatting. Using rules to format individual tasks and set icons for them basing on task properties. Click Tools->Options->Automatic Formatting…. (autoformat will overwrite theme settings).
  • feature: new tools for custom task format: highlight, side bar color, dotted underline etc. (custom format will overwrite theme and autoformat settings).
  • feature: flags. Unhide column Flag, right click on it for a task and select a flag. The flags can be customized in Tools->Manage Flags…
  • feature: You can set how dates are formatted in the outline. Click: Options-> Themes and Formatting->Date and Time Format.
  • feature: color coding is saved to XML and clipboard now.
  • feature: "auto update" option for To-Do.
  • change: "Fonts and colors" in options renamed to "Themes and Formatting"
  • change: To-Do views are now selected by clicking on tree view caption as it was for the Outline.
  • bugfix: fixed issue with local menu in context manager.
  • bugfix: context did not sync it only name changed
  • bugfix: changes to notes or caption not saved if Today or Next day links are clicked in Timing section.
  • bugfix: autosave during editing in the outline caused changing focus to other task.
  • other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 2.5.1

  • feature: Editing of Start and Due dates experience improved. "Lock period" option introduced in "Timing & Reminder" section and in Task Recurrence dialog.
  • feature: save reminders window position on mlo exit
  • bugfix: Access Violation sometimes after editing tasks in the outline in complicated views when editing removes task from this view.
  • change: The special date which represent "empty" MLO date for Outlook has been changed from "31 dec 2999" to "31 dec 2900" to avoid conflict with PocketInformant.
  • change: do not ask confirmation to inherit contexts on task move if contexts are the same
  • change: do context inheritance on task copy/cut/paste as it was on task drag&drop and move
  • change: the latest used option "Do not create completed copy" for recurrent tasks is now saved and used as default for new recurrent tasks.
  • bugfix: task notes not saved if mlo running under Wine
  • bugfix: calendar drop down out of the monitor work area
  • bugfix: minor issue with reminder window, rapid task entry and drop down controls on dual monitor configuration

Version 2.5.0

  • feature: Multi-select for Drag&Drop and commands available from menu. For example you can skip occurrence of all selected tasks with one click. Note: changing the task properties for several selected tasks in Inspector will be available in next versions
  • feature: New column Context has been added to the Outline and To-Do (right click on columns header to hide/show columns).
  • feature: Drag&Drop tasks to a group in Outline or To-Do list to assign corresponded properties for the tasks
  • feature: Delete or create tasks is now available in any view in Outline or ToDo. Drag&Drop available in any view in Outline. Note: Drag&Drop to groups only is available in To-Do.
  • feature: Dependency icon. If task has incomplete dependency it shows a special icon in the Icons column. Once all tasks in dependency list for this task are completed the icon shows that the task is ready for your attention. Hint for the icon shows the list of dependency tasks
  • feature: Completed goals show special icon in the outline (Green Tick)
  • feature: Color formatting for individual tasks in the outline and todo has been added. You can change font color, bold, italic etc. Children may inherit formatting of the parents. Look for Format section in task properties.
  • feature: Color for the task has been added to the parsing. Syntaxes: "-c<COLOR>". For example type in the outline: "This is my task -cr", press Alt+Enter to set Red color for this task. Use "-cb" for blue color etc.
  • feature: Setting start date for tasks without due date is now available
  • feature: Setting start/due dates on projects without setting them on subtasks is now available. Just set for the subtasks if they inherit parent dates.
  • feature: Complete task in reminder window
  • feature: Undo functionality has been improved (for recurrent tasks, after save, will support new multi-select architecture etc)
  • feature: New fields in advanced filter to create custom views: "Recurrence" (also supports grouping), "ContextAsText"
  • feature: Store to-do filter panel width
  • change: "This month" for groups by date replaced with two groups: "This Month - Past" and "This Month - Future" to avoud sorting confusion.
  • change: Outlook sync. Empty due date replaced with 31 dec 2999 in Outlook if only Start Date is set in MLO. This date will sync as empty date back to MLO from Outlook.
  • change: The lists are updated now right after task parameters are changed. For example once you complete a task in the outline with "Hide completed" option set the task will disappear from the list.
  • change: Computed-Score algorithm has been adjusted for future lists and to support start date without due date.
  • change: When select views "Completed by projects" or "Completed" the option "Hide completed tasks" uncheck automatically and returned back when other view selected.
  • change: Rapid task entry dialog has own icon now.
  • change: Help file "MyLifeOrganized - Help.chm" renamed to "mlo.chm"
  • bugfix: Time is not considered for Open/Closed contexts "All" selected in Action Filter.
  • bugfix: MLO window did not restore from minimized when a command from command line in console mode was executed.
  • bugfix: MLO window not restored correctly on dual monitor configuration
  • bugfix: splitter for task properties stopped working sometings after MLO is restored from minimized.
  • bugfix: error INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE during sync sometimes
  • bugfix: automatic recurrence on completion when one recurrent task is subtask of another recurrent task (functionality on Desktop adjusted according to existing functionality on PPC)

Version 2.0.1

  • feature: task dependencies. There might be tasks in the outline which can not be started until some tasks from other branches are completed. To prevent a task to be shown in the To-Do list in Active Actions view until other tasks are completed add these tasks to the Dependencies section for the task you want to block.
  • feature: PocketMod report has been implemented. Click File->Print PocketMod... Note: MS Word is needed to print MLO PocketMod reports.
  • feature: search has been improved. Google like search implemented which means search any combination of typed words or search phrase if quotation used. You can also search in a) all tasks b) all except completed c) current view only.
  • feature: new template added to the installation: "Do It Tomorrow" (thanks to Steve!)
  • feature: additional parsing switches can be used in Rapid Task Entry or Outline parsing (Alt+Enter in outline inplace editor): -i(importance), - u(urgency), -e(effort), -t(time required), -tmax(time required max), -l(lead time), -h(hide in todo), -o(complete subtasks in order), -p(project).
    Example: "Call Katrin -t10 tomorrow 3p remind me 15 min in advance @calls -i1 -e4"
    See more details in help documentation, topic "Input parsing".
  • feature: Context filter on ToDo tab has an option to show number of tasks assigned to each context in the current view. Right click on Contexts to open local menu to disable this functionality.
  • feature: new settings for grouping in ToDo list: 1) Show/Hide items count 2) Show/Hide group name
  • feature: reminders dialog has been improved (resizing, color coding, more clear overdue notification)
  • feature: you can snooze a reminder in Reminders Window by entering a)exact date and/or time of next alert ("tomorrow 3pm") or b)time delta ("in 10 min")
  • feature: the subject of the email created by MLO alert will contain task name as it shown on to-do (include project or path according to the settings)
  • feature: added sorting by Top Level Parent and by Project
  • feature: new command line options: -QuickSync (to sync) and -PocketMod (to print PocketMod)
  • feature: new task fields added to advanced filtering: HasDependency, HasIncompleteDependency, HasSubtasks HasIncompleteSubtasks, ActiveAction
  • feature: option to sync with Outlook only on specifed computer
  • change: synchronization with PocketPC in "Sync Continuously" mode has been improved (less false conflicts)
  • change: selection is not changed now after drag and drop in the task outline
  • bugfix: Group by Goals did not consider inherited goal (weekly)
  • bugfix: MLO freezed on Vista sometimes if select "By Due Date" outline view.
  • bugfix: Access Violation in To-Do after archiving sometimes.
  • bugfix: Access Violation if reopen a file in MLO which contains unsaved text in Rapid Task Entry.
  • bugfix: Access Violation if using Back (Alt-Back) after Cut command
  • bugfix: MLO steals focus when Rapid Task Entry is open
  • bugfix: minor bugfixes.

2008-04-23 version 2.0.0

  • change: "Places" renamed to "Contexts"
  • feature: Advanced filtering and views of tasks on To-Do tab. See the description of default views in the help documentation: "Active Actions", "Active Actions by Contexts" and "Next Actions by Projects". Any customized To-Do views can be created using filtering, grouping and sorting with different criteria.
  • feature: filter by Effort added on To-Do tab
  • feature: hotkeys can be assigned for To-Do Views
  • feature: Several contexts can be selected in To-Do tab to filter the list. Operations AND/OR can be used to see tasks which contain ALL or ANY of the selected contexts.
  • feature: you can assign a hotkey for any Context now. If you assign the identical hotkeys for different contexts then a local menu with the list of all these contexts will be shown after this hotkey is pressed.
  • feature: Outlook sync can use any of your ToDo views now. Just select option "Remove tasks from Outlook not visible in MLO To-Do View" in advanced Outlook sync options dialog and select a View Name. This way for example you can create a View of your Private tasks and sync only them to Outlook.
  • feature: Properties groups have been improved: new User Interface element used, change position of the groups by Drag&Drop, controls realign when change Properties Pane width.
  • change: Context management has been moved from main window to separated dialog. Places (Context) tab has been removed from main window. To edit contexts use menu: Tools->Manage Contexts... or just click shortcut F8 (configurable in options) or right click on Contexts in To-Do filter.
  • feature: Context management has been improved: delete multi selected contexts, show number of tasks assigned to each context, sort by columns.
  • feature: MLO data file can be opened by other processes in read-only mode now even if it is open by MLO. Useful for backup/copy of the data file and other application to access the data file in read-only mode in the future.
  • change: improved behavior of tasks on ToDo with HideInToDo option when "Complete subtasks in order" is used.
  • change: "<all places>" renamed to "(all)"; <no where> renamed to "(none)"
  • change: AutoUpdate option for ToDo tab moved to the local menu (right click on To-Do to see it)
  • change: print reports have been adjusted to the recent changes in MLO. You might need to recreate default print templates (File->Print->Advanced->Reset Templates)
  • change: hotkeys revised/improved
    bugfix: MLO is working under Wine (on Linux) again! It is also working under Crossover (on Mac). No special registry key change or workarounds are needed anymore as it was for version 1.9.1.
  • bugfix: changed the functionality of populating UDF field "Project" for GTD AddIn.
  • bugfix: MLO application steals focus after Reminders Window is activated and closed

Version 1.9.1

  • bugfix: changing dual-monitor configuration while MLO is running might cause an error
  • bugfix: autocomplete in Rapid Task Entry dialog caused error on MLO exit
  • bugfix: minor bug fixes

Version 1.9.0

  • feature: support of new MLO Windows Mobile Sync Manager which replaced ActiveSync provider to sync with MLO-PocketPC edition
    IMPORTANT: if you are using MLO ActiveSync provider to sync with MLO-PPC edition you will need to recreate your sync pairs after upgrade to version 1.9.0 from previous versions.
  • feature: record based conflict resolution during sync with MLO-PocketPC edition
  • feature: synchronization with mlo data files located on local computer, removable drive, LAN or FTP.
  • feature: COLLABORATION! MLO enables small and medium-sized teams to efficiently collaborate on projects and tasks by providing the synchronization feature
  • feature: Hotkeys editor in options. Assign your own hotkeys to many MLO commands.
  • feature: autocomplete while assigning places to a task. Just start typing the place name and you will see the suggestions or just type *any* part of place name and press Alt-K
  • feature: Hide completed tasks older than. There are three states of hide completed tasks option now: 1) Show all completed tasks 2) Hide all completed tasks 3) Hide completed tasks older than...
  • feature: after pressing Alt+Enter in task outline the parsing result is shown in status bar
  • feature: The abbreviation "rmd" can be used instead of "remind" in parsing
  • feature: check for updates
  • change: menu "File->Quick Outlook sync" moved to "Tools->Synchronize Outlook"
  • change: default hotkey F9 is reassigned from "Synchronize Outlook" to "Synchronize" command. Use Hotkey editor to reassign it back if needed.
  • change: the hotkeys for command "Show level 1-4" (Ctrl+Alt+1..4) have been removed to avoid conflicts with Alt Gr combinations. You can still use hotkey editor to assign shortcuts to these and other actions.
  • bugfix: links to files did not work sometimes
  • bugfix: if you cut a task and try to past it to itself or to its child task the task might disappear
  • bugfix: MLO crashes if pressing Esc while Search tool tip is shown
  • bugfix: if a task contains char "%" in caption or notes there might be an error message during sync
  • bugfix: if Windows taskbar is docked to left hand edge or top of the screen the saved MLO window position was wrong on startup
  • bugfix: number of minor bug fixes

Version 1.8.0

  • feature: search-as-you-type functionality. Press Ctrl+F and type text for advanced outline search.
  • feature: new simplified Activation System. No need to re-activate mlo for each computer when using on a flash drive.
  • feature: parsing in the outline. While in in-place edit mode (F2) press Alt+Enter and the current text will be parsed like in Rapid Task Entry dialog (RTE).
  • feature: parsing algorithm has been improved. No need the quotation marks if using most of reserved words now
  • feature: parsing context added in RTE dialog and outline. Use reserved word "context" in the end of sentence
    Example: Call Katrin tomorrow 11a remind me 10 min in advance context @Office; @Phone
  • feature: confirmation dialog with parsing result is displayed in RTE now (optional)
  • feature: command line parameters. Type "mlo.exe /?" in command line for more details
  • feature: registered mlo:// protocol. Type in the explorer command line a command like this:
    Parameters for "task" and "zoom" should be replaced with real task GUIDs.
  • feature: new view "By next alert"
  • feature: reminder icon added to the outline
  • feature: reminders sync to PocketPC implemented
  • feature: links to MLO tasks in other data files can be created in task notes now: \\mlo:<>?{TaskGUID}
  • feature: confirmation on task deletion has been added. It is ON by default now but can be switched OFF in options.
  • change: Computed-Score Priority algorithm has been improved
  • change: Reminders window will show the task in the way it appears in To-Do list (encoded project, path etc as configured in ToDo list format options).
  • change: "Mobile phone" field is taken from Outlook when you drag a contact to MLO
  • change: "This is a project" shortcut (Alt+J) will work even if the "Project" section is collapsed
  • change: message "ActiveSync is asking for modifications..." has been removed from status bar since it was annoying to see it each time Active Sync communicates to MLO
  • change: Outlook redemption library (to avoid Outlook security warnings) has been updated to work on Vista as well as for non-admin users.
  • bugfix: fix of date time parsing for Chinese Taiwan and some other regional settings.
  • bugfix: can not set reminder time to 00:00 (12:00 AM)
  • bugfix: Outlook Categories separator is taken from regional settings now. For some countries it is not ',' but ';' what caused problems during Outlook sync
  • bugfix: fixes for Vista Operation System
    - MLO raised "Access violation" error when exit on Vista Operation System.
    - Help system does not work on Vista
    - Print might not work on Vista
    - Outlook redemption library did not work on Vista
    - Some controls of a form not painted if press Alt key on Vista
  • bugfix: error message "invalid argument to time encode" if set AutoSync with Outlook for the period > 59 min
  • bugfix: Access Violation in Projects and Goals views after deletion of tasks sometimes. It was UI issue and not serious but annoying.
  • bugfix: Long notes were scrolled to the bottom once selected sometimes
  • bugfix: number of minor bug fixes

Version 1.7.2

  • feature: selecting date range for start and due date by mouse. The earliest and latest dates of selected range will be start and due date for the task.
  • feature: Goto Today link has been added to new date picker calendar
  • change: "on" added to reserved words for parsing. If not in quotation marks this word will be removed from text after parsing phrase like "Meet with Amy on Fri"
  • bugfix: if clicking on datepicker the selected day might not be transferred to the control at the first try
  • bugfix: first day of the week for new date picker calendar was not taken from Windows locale settings.
  • bugfix: XML export/import and ActiveSync did not work on some regional settings when time separator is not ":"
  • bugfix: date and time parsing did not work correctly with Windows short date format like "23-Aug-06"
  • bugfix: minor bug fixes

Version 1.7.1

  • feature: Rapid Task Entry dialog could parse input like: "Send report to Jim next Monday 6pm remind me 10 min in advance". You should enable parsing option: click Options button in Rapid Task Entry dialog and check "Parse input like..."
  • feature: new date time picker added to task properties. Inputs like "Jun 26", "tomorrow 3pm", "in 10min" etc could be parsed
  • feature: improved drag&drop items from Outlook to MLO. Message body is now copied to MLO task note. The following fields of MLO task might be filled basing on Outlook item: StartDateTime, DueDateTime, Reminder, Recurrence pattern, Completion. Multiple Outlook items could turn into multiple MLO tasks.
  • feature: click to "I have" link on ToDo tab of main window to calculate the time you have before next appointment in your Outlook calendar
  • feature: when trying to open MLO data file which already in use by another instance of MLO this instance is activated instead of showing "File is locked" message.
  • feature: if there are several MLO instances running then pressing the application hotkey or Rapid Task Entry hotkey will display a dialog to select an instance you would like to activate.
  • feature: Copy/Cut/Paste a task in the outline can be used to copy or move tasks to other MLO instances
  • feature: Tasks copied to clipboard could be pasted to other applications as outlined text
  • feature: Advanced copy tasks as text (menu task->advanced->copy tasks as text) is able to specify tabs as the outline level indicator
  • feature: Auto sync MLO<->Outlook periodically (i.e. every 5,10 min). To configure navigate to: File->Setup Outlook sync->Advanced->General->AutoSync MLO with Outlook
  • feature: tasks in the outline are auto expanded while you drag&drop items to them
  • feature: new command "Task->Advanced->Show completed subtasks". Temporarily show completed subtask of selected task even if "Hide completed tasks" option is checked.
  • feature: new command Edit->Insert->Insert Date (Ctr+Shift+T)
  • feature: MLO could insert and open relative path links in task notes
  • change: show the number of days due or left for tasks in the outline. If the difference is more then 30 days the date is shown as it was before.
  • change: when inherit places of new parent task after drag&drop operation all subtasks will get new places also.
  • change: the default method of AutoSave mode is set to "When switch to other app"
  • change: skip occurrence dialog is shown for recurring tasks if press "Ctrl+=" shortcut
  • change: when drag & drop an item from Outlook the places of new item are inherited from parent task.
  • bugfix: every time ActiveSync requests an update from MLO the focus is removed from whatever happen to be typing in MLO.
  • bugfix: during Find Next command MLO could go to "forever loop".
  • bugfix: for some non-US regional settings there is an error message: "'00:10:00' is not a valid time."
  • bugfix: MLO does not allow to change case during renaming of a place (i.e. to rename "work" to "Work")
  • bugfix: tasks entered in Rapid Task Entry dialog might not inherit places of parent task if this parent task has been just changed in the outline.

Version 1.7.0

  • feature: ActiveSync support to sync with MLO-PocketPC edition has been implemented
  • feature: advanced reminders and alerts (including send alert to e-mail)
  • feature: inherit places of the parent task when a task is moved to another parent (Tools->Options->Behaviour-> "Default action when move task to new parent")
  • feature: default values for Importance and Urgency are set to Normal now
  • feature: you can reset Importance and Urgency values to Normal on this configuration page: Tools->Options->To-do ordering options
  • feature: new option "Allow multiple instances". This option is off by default. If you want to run multiple instances of MLO check this option in Tools->Options->Behaviour
  • feature: task notes could be configured to be shown in Properties tab (Tools->Options->Appearance: Task Notes)
  • change : Task Effort and Time Required parameters have been moved to separated property section. Property sections shortcuts have been changed.
  • feature: "Add" button in Bookmarks dialog to add a bookmark
  • feature: new keyboard shortcuts - Alt+Up/Down select next/previous sibling in the current outline
  • feature: new keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down can jump up/down projects
  • bugfix : if using "Hide completed task" option a subtask could be inserted in a wrong position. It might also cause Access Violation error if completing recurrent tasks.
  • bugfix : number of minor bugfixes and improvements

Version 1.5.06

  • feature: you can insert link to a file into task or place notes with browse dialog. Available from local menu of notes.
  • feature: insert links to mlo tasks into notes. Available from local menu of notes with command "Insert link to a task" or use "Copy as link" command in the outline local menu and past it to a note. Clicking on mlo task links will navigate to this task in the outline
  • feature: task templates. Use menu "Task->New from template.." to create task basing on any selected branch as a template
  • feature: task bookmarks. Use menu View->Set bookmark->Bookmark <N> (Ctrl+Shift+<N>) to set quick bookmark. Use menu View->Goto bookmark->Bookmark <N> (Ctrl+<N>) to find a task into outline by bookmark.
  • feature: Bookmarks dialog. Menu View->Goto bookmarks->Bookmarks... or "Ctrl+Alt+>" shortcut.
  • feature: new shortcuts ctrl+< / ctrl+> goto previous/next bookmark set
  • feature: parent task for Rapid Task Entry dialog is stored to data file.
  • feature: new shortcuts: ctrl-"=" / "ctrl+"-" increase/decrease task due date by one day.
  • feature: new shortcuts: ctrl-alt-"=" / "ctrl+alt+"-" increase/decrease task due date by one week.
  • feature: double clicking on splitter will optimize width of the Properties Pane.
  • change: shortcuts for command "Show level N" changed from Ctrl+<N> to Ctrl+Alt+<N>. Ctrl+<N> is now occupied by quick bookmarks feature to speed up outline navigation.
  • change: repaint due date icons in outline and to-do list dynamically to keep them actual as time goes.
  • change: more optimization on unnecessary outline blinking (during scrolling and clicking in the outline)
  • change: for recurring tasks the click on due date icon in the outline opens recurring dialog
  • change: reminder about configuring advanced backup settings is now shown on open data file (not on save)
  • bugfix: unable to find the help file if mlo.exe runs in different current folder
  • bugfix: zoom-out command loses focus of selected task in outline
  • bugfix: recurring catch up changes the time
  • bugfix: the command "insert date/time" overrides data in clipboard
  • bugfix: right pane becomes fully collapsed sometimes when using Quick Entry dialog
  • bugfix: if you change order of tasks in the outline with Drag&Drop when "Hide Completed Tasks" is set, the program doesn't keep this change sometimes.

Version 1.5.01

  • feature: advanced functionality for archiving/purge old completed tasks
  • feature: advanced backup of MLO data files. You will be prompted to configure it on first save
  • feature: first version of the templates set is integrated to MLO
  • feature: drag&drop items from Outlook to MLO. The links to Outlook items are created in MLO notes
  • feature: show level N in the outline (shortcuts Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2..). Collapse/Expand menu reworked. Ctrl+~ shortcut to expand/collapse selected branch
  • feature: edit task system dates (completed, modified, created)
  • feature: shortcuts for copy, paste and cut tasks in the outline (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+v, Ctrl+X)
  • feature: copy/paste local menu for task and place notes
  • feature: selected task and zoom status are saved to data file now
  • feature: new UDF field for advanced MLO <-> Outlook synchronization: MLOIsProject
  • feature: web page for Online Activator has been created:
    Please use it to request new Activation Codes.
  • feature: "Catch-up" recurring tasks. You can skip recurring tasks up to today.
  • change: change in EULA for upgrades: "Anyone that bought the full (professional) version would get free upgrade to all new updates (including major) released within 12 months from the date of their purchase." It means that you will *not* pay for ANY upgrades for at least 12 months.
  • change: optimized outline filling to reduce blinking, unnecessary jumping after some operations in the outline (drag&drop, indention, complete recurring tasks, copy/paste etc)
  • change: create subtasks (Alt+Ins) in first (not last) position
  • change: if the item is collapsed, drag&drop put a subtask at the bottom, otherwise drag&drop put it at the top.
  • change: application main menu reworked
  • change: in the Projects view the project status order changed to: In Progress, Not Started, Suspended, Completed
  • change: skipping an occurrence of a parent task ought to reset the subtasks to uncompleted if corresponded option is set
  • change: shortcut for toggling Advanced Options panel on To-Do tab changed from Ctrl+P to Ctrl+N
  • bugfix: if you use File->Open command for importing MLO XML files the completed tasks are imported as not completed.
  • bugfix: cut and copy task to itself or to its child task hangs the application
  • bugfix: after selecting a task its notes sometimes scrolled to the end of text
  • bugfix: if there are deleted tasks in MLO after Outlook sync, the clicking on navigation buttons (Back/Forward) sometimes might cause error message.
  • bugfix: "Invalid window handle" error in Rapid Task Entry dialog if you try to click Places button when dialog configured to "Stay on top".

Version 1.4.01

  • feature: printing
  • feature: additional views in the outline
  • feature: MyLife Organized data file extension (*.ml) can be associated with MLO now (Tools->Options->Behaviour)
  • change: outline views selector improved
  • change: task selection is preserved when switching from one view to another in the outline
  • change: XML files can be opened with File->Open command now (not just File->Import)
  • change: import to the top level of the outline is possible now
  • change: improved behavior of the places selector dialog when press OK or Ctrl+OK
  • change: search of the outline will continue from the beginning
  • change: outline local menu improved
  • change: ability to insert/delete tasks in Goals and Projects views

Version 1.3.07

  • feature: web service usage to receive new Activation Codes is integrated to MyLife Organized application. Now you can automatically receive your Activation Codes on the e-mail you used when purchased a license
  • bugfix: Outlook initialization issue when using not default PST file and when Outlook is not run
  • bugfix: application icon disappears from "Alt+Tab" list if modal dialog is open in MyLife Organized application

Version 1.3.06

  • feature: using redemption library to suppress Outlook security alert during sync. Set option "Use redemption library:" in the Outlook Sync Options dialog. You will need to download the library from the location specified
  • feature: the option to start tasks on the to-do list with project name or path
  • feature: add/delete subtasks directly from the to-do list
  • feature: rapid task entry dialog. To enable the dialog set the option "Enable Rapid Task Entry dialog:" in the application options. After this it is accessible in tray or by hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+M by default)
  • change: Task Recurrence dialog has been improved
  • change: IMPORTANT. Due date is now used in recurring tasks (not Start date)
  • change: for recurring tasks the start/due date and lead time editing has been disabled on the Timing & Effort property section. You can change these parameters only in Task Recurrence dialog now.
  • feature: added recurrence in of hourly resolution
  • feature: for recurring tasks added options "do not create a completed copy of recurrent task"
  • feature: command for a task in the Outline "Move to..." (Ctrl+M). To quick move a task to another task.
  • feature: automatic recurring behavior:
    automatically recur when any subtask is completed
    automatically recur when all subtasks are complete
  • feature: if a subtask of a recurring task has its own due date then the date shift between parent recurring task and this subtask will be preserved on next occurrence of the parent. It works only when the option "reset subtasks to uncompleted" for recurring task is set.
  • change: "days" and "weeks" have been excluded from string representation of Time Required field
  • change: "del" key can be used now to delete tasks and places (together with "Ctrl+del")
  • feature: computed score values are shown in Task Statistics property section. Set this option on "To-Do ordering options" page of application options dialog.
  • feature: deleting a Place with tasks asks user which place to assign tasks to
  • feature: renaming a Place "A" to a existing Place "B" name moves tasks in Place "A" to Place "B" and deletes Place "A"
  • feature: clone places
  • bugfix: MLO beeps when minimized with Esc key
  • change: if you try to change in Outlook the date of a task which is child of MLO *recurring* task the warning will be displayed during sync and the change will be ignored.

Version 1.3.01

  • feature: significant improvement of Outlook sync process (including categories, projects, priority mapping, UDF, "To-Do visible only" mode etc). Now Palm users are able to use MyLife Organized and sync with it using Outlook.
  • feature: two new options for Places have been added:
    1) Hide this place in the To-Do list place filter
    2) Hide this place in the task properties place selector
  • feature: sorting subtasks in the outline by Urgency and by Min Time Required have been added.
  • feature: improved copy/past tasks as text operation. Now you can copy the outline as plain text, edit it in the text editor and paste back to the MLO outline. The indention will be preserved. This command can be used for quick printing of the outline from Notepad. The operations can be reached by selecting the following local menu commands:
    Task Operations\Copy tasks as text...
    Task Operations\Paste text as subtasks...
  • feature: new keyboard shortcut for "Zoom out" command: Ctrl+Alt+R
  • feature: "Cut task" operation have been added
  • feature: tasks statistics shows how long time ago a task was created/modified/completed.
  • feature: To-do/Outline double click navigation
    Double-clicking on a To-Do-list item navigate you back to that particular item in the Outline.
    Double-clicking on an Outline item expands children if they exist or if they do not exist navigate you to the To-Do list and activate this item if it is in the To-Do list
  • change: evaluation version of MLO now allows XML import/export of recurrent tasks.
  • change: Excel XML export changes
    Changed columns added:
    "Priority" renamed to "Importance"
    "Hide in ToDo" renamed to "Hide in To-Do"
    New columns added:
    "Project (immediate)"
    "Project (top level)"
    "Priority By Importance"
    "Priority By Urgency"
    "Priority By Both"
  • bugfix: confusion with Indent/Outdent operations when "Hide completed tasks" is ON (#D229)
  • bugfix: Windows system large fonts issues have been fixed (#D287)

Version 1.2.02

  • bugfix: reading XML and generating demo file issue with non-English Windows regional settings (when decimal separator is not '.')

Version 1.2.01

  • feature: help (beta version) is integrated to MLO. Press F1 anywhere to get context sensitive help information.
  • feature: additional to-do ordering method: Computed-Score Priority - (computed recursive score through the outline)
  • feature: open/closed hours for Places
  • feature: copy task, Paste task, Duplicate task (Ctrl+D)
  • feature: reopen last MLO data files (MRU)
  • feature: insert current date/time (F4), insert current time (Ctrl+T)
  • feature: <no where> place in the Place combo box on To-Do tab to show all tasks without place assigned
  • feature: new option in Recurrence dialog: "Uncheck children tasks on recurrence, if all children checked off"
  • feature: new commands in To-Do local menu: "Update to-do list", "Set due date" and "Skip occurrence"
  • feature: application will remember the setting for "Hide completed tasks" when shut down
  • feature: "Included by places" column added to the places list
  • feature: new shortcuts for collapse/expand entire outline (F6/F7)
  • change: a task will show up on the To-Do list even with Importance=none. The only way to hide it will be to set "Hide in To-Do" manually.
  • change: if a task is due today and has time, then the "due time" rather than "today" is indicated in the Outline and ToDo lists
  • change: subtasks of completed tasks are not shown in to-do now
  • change: completely reworked and improved Due/Start date/time task property section
  • change: select place dialog has been improved
  • change: shortcut Ctrl+F5 changed to F5 (refresh entire Outline)
  • change: colors for due date place holders have been adjusted
  • change: shortcut Ctrl+D (Set Due Date for a task) changed to Alt+D
  • change: one click edit mode is now always off for places list
  • change: improved behavior of date filter on the ToDo tab
  • bugfix: due date shows as day of week in the Outline and To-Do even if this date is in other year
  • bugfix: when sort the subtasks with checked option "Hide completed tasks" there is the error message "TaskNode sort error. Non compatible lists".
  • bugfix: if you check off a daily recurrent task from the To-Do list which is overdue, the next date might not be calculated properly.
  • bugfix: division by zero error when you set Task Effort =0 for a project and this project does not have subtasks.
  • bugfix: when using start/due times with a task that has recurrence, the times are not properly carried over to the next task

Version 1.1.02

  • feature: export to Excel. Just click menu File->Export and select "Excel XML document" from the export type list. Exported document should be opened in Excel automatically.
    You can use all power of Excel to create any reports. For example you can use Excel Autofilter to select tasks completed last week and print them etc.
  • feature: MindManager import/export. Just click menu File->Export and select "MindManager XML document". Exported document should be opened in MindManager automatically.
    Save your document in MindManager using XML format and you can import it to MLO using File->Import command.
  • feature: expanded/collapsed state is now stored for the outline
  • feature: double click expands/collapses a task in the Outline and opens the properties in ToDo list
  • feature: new due date format in the outline and todo. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, day of week for the current week and short date format for others. Days of week and short date format are taking from regional settings.
  • change: unused checkboxes have been removed from subgroup items in advanced views outlines ("Weekly goals", "Monthly goals", "In progress" etc)
  • change: last used Outlook sync method is now stored. You will have to confirm once if you want to use last used sync method for "Quick Outlook sync" command.
  • change: added warning on the following situation during Outlook sync: "The following task is recurring in both MLO and Outlook: 'TaskName'. Please set the items as recurring in only one Program. Failure to do so will result in duplicated tasks and unexpected results during the sync process."
  • bugfix: due dates with large font issue has been resolved
  • bugfix: expand/collapse state of nodes in the outline was not restored correctly after refresh of "Hide completed task" command.

Version 1.1.01

  • feature: new concept of User Interface. Please check new "View" menu for some new shortcuts.
  • feature: tasks reoccurring
  • feature: task/project estimated time (#F11)
  • feature: new filter for to-do list: "I have XX minutes (hours) available"
  • feature: Optimized shortcuts usage. Among others check the following shortcuts:
    - Alt+1 quick switch to Task List <-> Task Note (or Place List <-> Place Note)
    - Alt+A opens places when in todo list
    - Alt+V opens advanced views list when in outline
  • feature: new shortcuts Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down: select next/previous visible task in Outline/ToDo without focusing this task list.
    The current active control will be still focused during task change by this shortcut. Useful to iterate quickly through the list of tasks and change specific task parameter.
  • feature: indent/outdent/move up/move down task in the outline with toolbar or shortcuts: Alt+Shift+Left/Right/Up/Down
  • feature: task statistics fields (created/modified/completed)
  • feature: more parameters of the window are saved on exit: current view, current tab etc
  • feature: added readouts for sliders "normal", "more", "a lot" etc
  • feature: new control "Urgency" added. It does not work now. Will be activated in next versions
  • feature: when a slider (Importance, Urgency, Task Effort) is active use keys 1,2,3,4,5 to quick set values
  • feature: mouse wheel scrolling in Properties Pane
  • feature: new menu item Help->Join "MyLife Organized" community...
  • feature: before every Outlook sync the additional backup of the current *.ml file is now created: <MLO-Filename>.ml.sync.bak
  • feature: MLO installer/uninstaller is now available.
  • feature: collapsing/expanding entire outline with commands from local menu
  • change: MyLife.exe renamed to mlo.exe
  • change: improved checking off tasks in ToDo list (no two clicks needed now).
  • change: recurrence fields have been added to MLO import/export XML
  • change: activate Places Properties when select Places tab
  • change: "Hide in ToDo" renamed to "Hide branch in ToDo". It functions as before
  • change: new feature "Hide only this task in ToDo" added. In opposite to "Hide branch in ToDo" option this functions hides only current task in ToDo but not the whole branch
  • change: refresh outline if "Projects View" is active and you change the status of a project
  • change: "virtual root" renamed to "Zoom-in"
  • change: removed confirmation for Zoom-in ("virtual root") command
  • change: removed control "Satisfaction"
  • change: added confirmation to save MLO file before Outlook sync
  • change: places are now sorted in combobox on ToDo list page and in "included places" list
  • change: more predictable behavior of focus controls when rebuilding ToDo list. For example Places list will be still focused now after ToDo list rebuild if it was focused before.
  • bugfix: error message after Outlook sync if MLO was in ToDo list mode (#D13)
  • bugfix: activated drag&drop in the task tree after accepting creation of new place
  • bugfix: artifacts in task outline sometimes
  • bugfix: major bug: fixed error in calculations of included places. It might cause "Cycling in place ..." message.
  • bugfix: included places duplicated after importing from MLO-XML. It might cause "Cycling in place ..." message.

Version 1.0.11

  • bugfix: Outlook 2000 sync issue fixed

Version 1.0.10

  • feature: full Outlook sync
  • feature: store position of application window
  • feature: complete/uncomplete task with all subtasks
  • feature: notes area for places
  • feature: autoscroll during drag&drop in the task outline
  • feature: select all in ToDo list
  • feature: paste subtasks in outline from clipboard text
  • feature: shortcut for task due date (Ctrl+D)
  • feature: collapse/expand all subtasks
  • feature: set virtual root for task tree (or "hoist" command)
  • change: hotkey now minimizes the application if it is active
  • change: default for option "Minimize to system tray" is OFF now
  • bugfix: some artifacts during task outline painting
  • bugfix: date format in task outline is now depends on the regional settings
  • bugfix: error message appears sometimes when deleting just created task

Version 1.0.08

  • feature: option "one click edit mode" for in-place editors
  • feature: option global application hot key switch on/off
  • change: registration dialog has been reworked
  • change: new demo file is now generated automatically if you first run the application
  • bugfix: thick black rectangle in task in-place editor
  • bugfix: could not change task's properties if there is only one task in the ToDo list
  • bugfix: override existing file without prompt during "save as" or "export" if extension of the file was not typed
  • bugfix: some minor fixes

Version 1.0.06

  • feature: add/replace/delete places in all subtasks of selected task
  • feature: get data from MS Outlook
  • bugfix: task tree is updated several times

Version 1.0.05

  • feature: project functionality
  • feature: lock database file so that other applications could not open it in the same time
  • feature: import to tab delimited format
  • feature: autosave
  • feature: open last used database file when run
  • feature: copy To Do to clipboard
  • change: optimized for work with huge database files
  • change: improved registration mechanism
  • bugfix: line breaks in notes

2004-08-01 version 1.0.03

  • feature: XML import/export
  • feature: restore default fonts, colors
  • feature: goal setting
  • feature: search functionality
  • bugfix: fix in undo functionality
  • bugfix: tree painting while drag&drop