MLO Cloud Sync Service
Be on top of your tasks across all your devices.

What is it?

The MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync service allows you to synchronize your data between any devices that run MyLifeOrganized task manager.

How does it work?

Add or update your tasks on one device (MLO Task organizer for Windows or MLO on mobile). The changes are transferred automatically over the air to your other devices where MLO installed.


Share your task list with other people located anywhere or even work together on the same project.

Reliability & Security

The MLO Cloud Sync service takes precautions to protect your information - both online and off-line. It does periodical backups of your data to a secure and robust MLO Cloud environment*.

* We are using Amazon Web Services for building our Cloud infrastructure. AWS data centers are located in USA and EU and well known for their reliability and high performance.

Task By Email

Task Creation via E-mail

It is a fast and easy way to send tasks to MLO when having access only to e-mail. Simply forward them to the e-mail address related to your tasks lists on Cloud Sync Service. You will then find future action items in your MLO inbox.

How to start using Cloud Sync

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