Fair Usage Policy

Last updated: April 21, 2020

MyLifeOrganized implements a Fair Usage Policy as part of its Cloud Service to help ensure an optimal, as well as fair, user experience for all our customers and in order to protect Cloud Services against misuse and abuses.

We understand that often, growth is a key objective. We have many features to support this and we set no strict limits on file capacity. However, we also need to ensure that excessive use by some clients does not negatively and unfairly impact other clients. To make sure everything is running smoothly, we continuously monitor Cloud servers usage.

If you constantly synchronize too many tasks with the Cloud, this slows down the synchronization process on your side and at critical moments can affect the processing of other users' synchronization requests, as the server gets overloaded.

MyLifeOrganized expects each Customer to store no more than:

  • 3.000-5.000* tasks in each Cloud file.
  • If your Cloud Service usage has exceeded the limits, we may temporarily suspend your Cloud account. If you are affected, we will email you to let you know that your usage is excessive and is affecting other customers. The email will be sent to your Cloud account email address and will contain instructions on how to reduce your usage.

    If you believe that this fair usage policy may affect you, or you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at support@mylifeorganized.net and we will be glad to discuss how you can modify your usage to play fair with other users. One general recommendation is to periodically clean up your data file by archiving the long-completed tasks.

    *The limit depends on the nature of tasks, whether they have large notes, many recent modifications, etc.