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Under the MyLifeOrganized brand we develop a whole range of applications and services for different devices. Most of these can be used separately from the others, but it's more convenient and efficient if you use different MLO applications together.

Below we explain why it may be beneficial to you to bundle different applications.

Which platforms are supported?
Prices and Free Trial
Bundle Deals
Which MLO products do I need to choose?
Updates and new versions
Why MyLifeOrganized is what you need

Which platforms are supported?

Currently, MyLifeOrganized applications work with the following operating systems:

Each application requires a separate approach, development and support to make it as convenient as possible for you on each platform.

Therefore, in MyLifeOrganized we believe that our to-do list manager for each operating system is a separate product. This means that MyLifeOrganized Pro-version for each operating system is paid.

We have also developed a cloud-based synchronization service Cloud Sync, which integrates all platforms and synchronizes your data between them.

Prices and Free Trial

The MyLifeOrganized license requires a one-time purchase. Once you get it, you have it for life.

Desktop version is our flagship with the highest functionality. It is available in two paid versions - Standard and PRO (after the free 45-day Pro period).

Mobile applications have a fully functional 21-day free trial and a free version with limited functionality (comparison of features for free and paid versions can be found here). You can use these free versions unlimitedly. However, if you need more functionality, you can always upgrade to Pro.

The world is getting more mobile, and we understand that in MLO. We are constantly working to improve the mobile versions, and have brought them close in functionality to the desktop version. Therefore, we do not consider the iOS and Android-versions as mobile companion apps or "little brother" versions for the Desktop, and we set the price on them based on their true functionality.

We did not include Cloud-subscription in the cost of the program on each platform, so it can be bought separately. Thus, you will not have to pay for it if it`s not needed. And you will not pay its price twice when buying two programs for different platforms. We are now offering a 1-month FREE MLO Cloud subscription to anyone who writes a review about MyLifeOrganized on Google Play or AppStore (the review could be even critical).

Are there any bundle deals?

Yes! We're currently offering the following bundle deals:

Since we're selling MLO through Apple's App Store, there’s no way to bundle iOS app together with MLO for Windows and Android into a single purchase. However, your get the same benefit if you combine your iOS app with the bundle "Pro (Windows) + 12-mo Cloud Sync".

Help me choose

Not sure what product to choose? It depends on your work and lifestyle. We offer the following, the most common and convenient options for you (click to expand for details):






Updates and new versions


We fix bugs and make other updates for each of the current versions of MyLifeOrganized. If you are our user you can count on us that the latest version of the software will be free of bugs - as much as possible.


We strive to continually improve our products. When we deliver a big pack of new features, or in other words, when we release the next major version of MyLifeOrganized, we offer to buy it to be even more efficient with your precious time.

Why MyLifeOrganized is what you need

We are constantly improving our product and believe that MLO is the best deal for you. Here's why:

The highest functionality

Without exaggeration, we can say that MyLifeOrganized is the most powerful and flexible task management system on the market. You can "squeeze out" of the system anything you want! At the same time, it can be as simple as you need it to be! Here is a list of just a few of our advantages:

  • Unlimited hierarchy of tasks to plan your work in various fields: home, work, relationships, development, health, etc.
  • MyLifeOrganized can display only those tasks that need to be done here and now. The app automatically identifies the most important tasks or remind you about buying when you drive past the store.
  • MLO can work with sequential and parallel projects, holding tasks that can not start until other tasks are finished.
  • Flexible configuration of recurring tasks. For example, send a report every Friday of every 2nd month.
  • MLO helps to conduct a periodic review of projects, to ensure they are in active state for promoting success.
  • Flexible filter settings and views for tasks allow you to adjust the system to your unique lifestyle and work. You can use any known task management system (for example, Getting Things Done) or create your own!
  • You can choose where to keep your tasks: in our cloud, where all devices always have the relevant data; or just on your devices to have control over the synchronization process through your secure WiFi network. MLO can also work completely offline - the choice is yours.

Lifetime license - use forever

In contrast to our competitors who offer a paid monthly subscription to your to-do list managers, we do not want a list of your tasks to depend on someone other than you.

That's why we offer a one-time purchase of our software. This means that if you buy the MLO application, it will be yours forever.

Minimum price

Unlike subscription services, the total value of which increases the longer you use it, the MLO value is unchanged (if you are not using Cloud Sync synchronization service). This means that our offer becomes more advantageous than offers of competitors in a year or two! We have developed a system to provide for you the maximum flexibility. You can choose any configuration, and pay only for what you actually use.

Optional updates and loyalty program

We never force you to pay for upgrades. However, if you are a registered user of a previous version, you are offered a significant discount for upgrade*. If you don't want to upgrade, the old version remains compatible with the new - in case you decide to upgrade and start using new cool features. We do not plan to disable old versions. However, the function and operation of the old application may be impaired or stopped at the next operating system upgrade.

(*) We reserve the right to change upgrade price.

You are not alone

MyLifeOrganized has a large community of fans and experts. You're not just a user - you are a family member. You can always talk with like-minded members, see the life hack, ask for advice or just chat. In addition, our technical support team is always glad to assist.

Hope this information was helpful and now you can choose your MLO product(s)!