Activation Recovery Service

In case you've lost your MLO activation codes, or want to change your registration e-mail, forgot your registration e-mail, visit our Activation Recovery Service.

Video Tutorials

Whether you're a new or existing user, we'll guide you through every MyLifeOrganized app with free video tutorials as a part of our support. Within several minutes, you will be able to learn all about MyLifeOrganized features by watching our video learning materials. You will also learn how to become more productive with MyLifeOrganized: Task organizer for Windows, Android task manager and To do list app for iPhone. The MLO team will continually add new interesting tutorials to the video section of the website and MLO YouTube channel. If you would like to see the video about how to solve a certain task with the help of MLO, just write us here If there are enough requests we will make a video about it.

Overview and Basic Features

Task Outline vs. Active Actions

Complete Subtasks in Order

Overview and Basic Features

Task Outline vs. Active Actions

Calendar View

Overview and Basic Features

Overview and Basic Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pro licenses do I need if I have several iOS devices?

You can use one Pro license to install your MLO application on several devices if they are registered under the same Apple ID. This rule is applicable for both iPhone and iPad.

Is MLO app universal for iPhone and iPad ?

Yes, starting from version 3. To learn more on how you can transfer your pruchase from MLO HD v2 for iPad to new universal app click here

I have purchased Pro license for MLO iPhone/iPad. However the app keeps asking me about my Pro license after reinstall. What should I do?

You need to restore your In-App purchase under the same Apple ID. Please open your MLO iPhone/iPad application, select Settings>Registration>Restore my license. More details about MLO 3 feature pack can be found here.

I own MLO iPhone/iPad ver. 2 license. Should I pay for upgrade to MLO for iOS v.3 to use new features? How do I transfer my Pro purchase from MLO HD versoin 2 to MLO for iOS v3 (universal).

If you are already a user of the paid version MLO 2 for iOS, the new features will be in trial mode for 30 days. During this period, you can use these new features for free to decide whether they are useful enough to you. To use these features after 30 days, you’ll need to purchase this new Pro pack. Of course, all the Pro features of your MLO 2 stay with you regardless of whether you decide to buy the new package or not. Click here for more details.

How do I restore or reinstall my MLO iPhone/iPad v.1 or MLO HD v2 applications on the device?

We’ve removed MLO v.1 and MLO HD v2 from the App Store. However, are you still able to install them if you purchased them before. In the App Store open the section "Purchases", find MLO in the list and install it. Re-installing apps from the AppStore is free if you already purchased an app. We recommend using the newest version MLO v.3 since it offers more options and provides smoother functioning. More info about upgrade here.

Why the price on Apple Store is higher than the price quoted on your site? Which conversion rate is used?

This is how pricing works on the App Store: we set a price tier, and then Apple automatically defines the price in your currency. Also, Apple Store purchases are taxed using the applicable VAT tax rate for your country. We have no control over the price in each country.

Is there a counter to show number of overdue tasks as badge on the App icon?

Badges counters are not available at this time.

MLO is very flexible which enhances users’ desire to configure their own counter. And there is not quite clear which view should be used for the counter and how to do it better. But most importantly, there is a technical problem: iOS does not allow us to update the badge periodically, therefore we cannot guarantee that the badge shows correct number given the fact that every 15 min the view could be updated due to open/closed contexts schedule, for example.

However, you can enable counters inside the app: MLO->"Settings"->"Counters"->select counters for views. This lets you see a number of tasks that are active/overdue/not completed/started etc.

How many licenses do I need for MLO Desktop if I have several computers (laptop, home, work etc)?

You need only one license as long as only one person uses the software. You may install MyLifeOrganized Desktop on up to five computers and use it for your personal planning or for your work. Additional licenses are necessary if more than one person is using the program.

I’ve lost my activation code for purchased product. Can I restore it?

Yes. To restore an activation code please use MLO Online Activation Service

Can I change my MLO registration e-mail?

Yes. You can use our Online Activation Recovery Service to change your registration e-mail.

What can I do if I have forgotten an e-mail address used when registering, or if the e-mail account is not valid anymore?

You can use our Online Activation Recovery Service to change your registration e-mail.

What should I do if my Activation Code does not work?

Please make sure the activation code corresponds to the platform (activation codes for Android and Windows are different) and to the version of MLO. You might need to upgrade to the newest version that can be done here . If this is not the case, please use our Online Activation Recovery Service to receive new activation code.

Help is not shown under MLO Desktop/Help tab, how to resolve it?

Please do the following:

  1. Unblock help file (MyLifeOrganized - Help.chm) in file properties;
  2. Open it as Windows Help Executable. The easiest way to do this is to find the CHM file in File Explorer. Right Click on the file while pressing the Shift key. You should get an "Open with" menu item. Select the Windows Help File Executable option.
  3. Since CHM file is basically an HTML file Internet Security can affect the display of these files. Try right clicking the file. If you see the unblock button select it. Also try opening Internet Explorer. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security Tabs. Make sure the security setting for the Intranet is set low.

Do you have any special offers for students?

Yes. We are offering educational discount for MLO Desktop product. Please send to MLO support an e-mail with your case description, include your student’s ID or teacher’s ID or any other documents which can help you to apply for a discount.

What formats are supported by MLO and how can I import my data from other applications?

We support OPML and XML formats. Use our special tool to convert these formats as well as ToDoist export CSV, Toodledo export XML, MindManager XML and LifeBalance XML to MLO XML document.

How to transfer my MLO-Windows license to a new computer?

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install MLO on the new computer (link to download);
  2. Activate MLO with your activation key. No need to make a new purchase, use the activation key we sent to your e-mail address after you purchased a Pro license for MLO-Windows. If you cannot find it, restore here ;
  3. Transfer your data:
    - If you use Cloud Sync, then on the new computer, synchronize a new empty file with your file in the Cloud (Step 2 of the instruction).
    - If you do not use Cloud Sync service, then send your data file via email or messenger to yourself and simply open it in MLO on a new computer.

How do I launch a registered copy of MyLifeOrganized from a removable media (such as a USB Flash drive?)

  1. Register MyLifeOrganized using the Activation Code provided.
  2. From the application menu select menu "Help>Registration" to open the Registration dialog.
  3. In the Registration dialog, click "Export registration information to a file" and specify a folder where the file mlo.keym should be created.
  4. Copy the following files to the same folder on your removable media: mlo.exe - the main application, mlo.keym - the file containing the registration information. You can also copy any *.ml files that contain your data.
  5. You can now run mlo.exe from the removable drive on any computer.

In MLO-Windows I have an error "Wi-Fi sync server has been disabled since required DLL not found".

This message means that MLOWiFiSync.dll needed for Wi-Fi sync is missing in the MLO directory.

How to fix this:

  1. If you installed MLO-Windows from installation file you should run the installer again and check the "Wi-Fi Sync" option during installation.
  2. If you installed MLO-Windows from zip archive you should copy MLOWiFiSync.dll file from archive to same directory where mlo.exe file is placed.

What if I see an error "Wi-Fi sync server is not active for this MLO instance"?

Only one MLO instance which was first started can activate Wi-Fi sync server. After first instance is opened, you cannot sync from other instances. To troubleshoot, please do the following:

  1. Find the first started MLO instance.
  2. Open data file in this instance for sync.
  3. If error still appears, close all instances of MLO, start MLO again and open the file for sync.

I’ve created a task into Outline but I could not find it in the To-Do list. Why?

There might be several reasons why added task in not in the Active Actions view (To-Do):

  1. The task has uncompleted subtasks. Only tasks with all subtasks completed will appear in the To-Do List.
  2. A context you have included in the To-Do List filter has Open/Closed schedule and it is closed at the moment. The tasks associated with this context will NOT be shown in the to-do list unless you check the "Include closed contexts" check box on To-Do tab.
  3. The task (or one of its parents) has the option "Hide branch in To-Do List" checked in its Properties (in this case it will be grayed out in the outline).
  4. The task was converted into a folder.
  5. The task has a Start Date set in the future or the task has no dates, but one of its parent tasks does and it is in the future.
  6. One of the task’s parents has the option "Complete subtasks in order" checked, and this task has uncompleted sibling(s) above it.
  7. By setting Zoom in, you have excluded all tasks which are not in the selected branch.
  8. The task has dependency on another and this dependency is not completed.
  9. In the To-Do List filter, you have additional parametr set up which is not appropriate for the task.

You can see the reason in Task Preview (for example, "Inactive action: there are open subtasks").

It looks like Outlook sync trashed my outline. All my tasks are in MLO <NewOutlookTasks> project again.

Here is the situation: You have copied all your Outlook tasks to MLO, created the outline there and everything worked well for some time. But after one of the sync all of your outlined tasks appeared in the <NewOutlookTasks> again. The reason is that one day you copied all your Outlook tasks into a backup Outlook folder then deleted the original tasks and restored them from this backup folder. While restored tasks look identical to you they look different to MLO now. This is because the IDs of the tasks have been changed. MLO uses only internal Outlook task IDs to identify tasks for sync. Thus during the sync MLO deleted all your tasks in outline and copied "new" Outlook tasks to the default project. You can always identify what happened during sync by reviewing Outlook sync log file (link to it is placed in "Setup Outlook Sync" dialog).

When I try to sync to Outlook (File->Setup Outlook Sync), I get an error "Can not connect to MS Outlook: The specified module could not be found." or "Class not registered".

First try to restart Outlook. If this doesn’t help, you should check if your Outlook installed properly. To do this:

  1. In any text editor create a text file named "test.vbs"
  2. Add three lines in it:

    Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

    Set objNameSpace = objOutlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")


  3. Run test.vbs

If modal dialog with Outlook folders is not displayed then your Outlook is not installed properly. The fastest fix is to do a "repair" from the Outlook or office installer. If it does not help you probably need to reinstall MS Office. Here you can find more. Also check the Outlook path.

How does Cloud autosync work on MLO-Desktop?

MLO Desktop start syncing once you open it or switch to it after some inactivity and some changes are detected in MLO-Cloud. MLO Desktop syncs local modifications to MLO-Cloud automatically if MLO application has been inactive for 5-10 minutes or when you close it.

What should I do to avoid my tasks and subtasks printed twice in my print report?

Tasks are printed as duplicated if you select tasks and their subtasks. Only the parent tasks should be selected.

Where can I see the date and time of the next reminder?

To see this, turn on the "Next Alert Time" column in the task list area.

Sometimes it’s difficult to move a slider to set it to a round value of importance/urgency. Is there another way of doing this?

You can easily preset importance/urgency by activating a slider and pressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on your keyboard which corresponds to 0, 50, 100, 150, 200 values respectively. Or, by right-clicking on the slider and choosing a value from the drop down list.

I want to create a task that recurs in 30 days after completing. It currently lets me have a recurring task every month on the same date. I really need to to be every 30 days from completion. How do I accomplish this?

To repeat a task based on the date it is marked completed in the Task Recurrence dialog select "Daily" recurrence, click "Regenerate new task", and then type a time interval in the box. In the given example, it is: "30" days after each task is completed.

It looks like my data file is corrupted. I see the message "Invalid file format" (or "Invalid file - not a PKZip file"). What should I do?

If there was an issue with your hardware and MLO could not save the file properly it could be corrupted. In this case you can recreate the file from the backup copy which is created automatically.

On each "save" action MLO creates a backup file first and you can always open it if there are any problems with the main file.

Backup files might be created in 2 two possible places:

  1. If advanced backup is set up, MLO creates the backup copy in the location specified in the configuration under Tools>Options>Backup.
  2. If  advanced backup is not set up, MLO automatically creates the copy in the same folder where you data file is located.

Please also note that backup file has the same name as a data file has but with .bak extension. Open this file with MLO application and select "Save as.." to save your data in .ml format.

When I copy/paste my activation code, my tasks nothing happens. What should I do?

First, try to load the activation code from file (Help->Registration->Enter activation key->Load from file).

If this does not help, the issue might be caused by AntiVirus (AV) software installed on your PC which sometimes blocks MLO functions. Please try to temporarily switch the AV software off and try if you can copy and paste your activation code, tasks or folders. If this is the reason you may want to contact AV developers or add MLO to exceptions in the AV settings.

Wi-Fi sync doesn’t work at my network, what settings should I check?

First of all please check if you followed these instructions correctly. Most likely Firewall or Antivirus software blocks MLO. Please check if MLO is allowed in your Firewall settings and try to temporary switch off your Antivirus software and check if sync works after that. If this is not the case, please check if any settings for your router has been customized on your side.

I need to install previous version of MLO Desktop, where can I find it?

Previous versions of MLO Desktop are available on our site, see "Additional downloads" section. However, we highly recommend using the latest version since it provides more functionality and stable performance.

How many Pro licenses do I need if I have several Android devices?

You can install your MLO application on up to 5 devices and use one Pro license if these devices are registered under the same Google ID.

How do I restore my Pro license for MLO-Android if I purchased it from Google Play?

In MLO-Android app go to Settings->Registration and click "Restore Purchases". Please make sure you are using the same Google ID.

How do I restore my Pro license for MLO-Android if I purchased it from MyLifeOrganized site?

You can use our Online Activation Recovery Service to restore your activation code.

What is MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync Service?

MLO Cloud Sync is specially designed to handle unlimited number of devices linked to the same cloud file as well as to resolve possible sync conflicts while collaborating on the same project. It provides secure connection to our robust Cloud environment wherever Internet access is available. You can use fully automatic PUSH sync on your mobile to receive all updates from MLO Cloud in background even if you do not run the app itself. Besides, you can share your tasks with other people located anywhere or even work together on the same project syncing the changes to the Cloud. You can also send tasks to MLO when having access only to e-mail. Just send an email to a special address created in your MLO Cloud Sync account and the Cloud will convert them into tasks and deliver right to your Inbox folder in MLO.

Fee based subscription is required to use MLO-Cloud. We offer free MLO Cloud 30 days subscription for any review of MLO mobile app left on AppStore or GooglePlay for you to try out the service.

More information about the difference from Wi-Fi sync can be found here

How do I subscribe to MLO-Cloud?

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Buy it”, select term and price.
  3. The purchase form appears, fill it out and get your subscription code after purchase.
  4. Now to sign up for the MLO-Cloud fill in Sign Up form with your e-mail, password, retype password and subscription code you just purchased.

Please watch this video tutorial

How to renew Cloud subscription?

If your Cloud account is about to expire you can renew the subscription:

  1. Sign in to Cloud service on the web site:
  2. Select ’Dashboard’ on the left.
  3. Click the link "Buy renew subscription code" (this link is right under the Renew Subscription input field).
  4. In the appeared pane with terms/prices select an option you wish.
  5. You’ll be redirected to the purchase form, fill it in, get your subscription code.
  6. Return to the Dashboard and click Close link to return to Renew subscription pane.
  7. Paste your subscription code into Renew Subscription field.

I have custom views on my desktop and just did a sync but cannot see any of those views on my mobile device. Are they not supposed to sync over?

Custom views and any changes in default views are not synced via MLO Cloud at this time, it only syncs your tasks.

To transfer your custom view from PC to mobile, you need to export your view on the PC, then transfer the exported file to your mobile device and import into MLO app from there. The simplest way is to attach the file to an email that you can read from your phone, then go to the phone, open the email, and save the file. Another way is to use cloud storage (like Dropbox of Google Drive) that is accessible from both platforms.

The same can be done in the opposite direction: from mobile to PC. This option is for complex, difficult views.

Use our instructions on how to transfer custom views to Android and iOS.

For minor changes in view just go into the view list on the phone, go to the edit list, select the view in question to proceed with the changes, then save it. Again, phone and windows will show the same content, changes to the tasks on either will be synched to both, and the view definitions will not need any more attention unless you decide to make another change.

Can I share my task list with other people?

Yes, now it is possible on all supported platforms. As an MLO user you can create a data file, sync it to Cloud and share this Cloud file between your team members. Each Cloud user who has an access to your Cloud file can download this file to the local environment, process the tasks and sync the changes back to the Cloud where you can sync them again to your MLO application.

Use this instruction on how to set up.

How do I change my password for MLO Cloud account?

Please login to your MLO-Cloud account, go to ’Edit Profile’ dialog, select ’Change password’ and change the password. Once done, do not forget to update the password in all MLO clients you are using. Otherwise, the account will be locked and you will need to wait until the lock is removed and update the password then.

Does Cloud service have web access to my tasks?

Currently there is no web access to your tasks on Cloud. The tasks are available on all MyLifeOrganized clients after sync. You need to use MLO Desktop or MLO iPhone/iPad to create/rename/delete your Cloud files.

MyLifeOrganized Pro for Windows cannot connect to Cloud service. What should I check?

  1. Make sure that MLO is not blocked by your Firewall.
  2. Make sure that MLO is not blocked by your Antivirus software.
  3. Make sure you can connect to Cloud service page in your Internet Explorer (please check in IE, not in other browser).
  4. Make sure that IE is not in Offline mode. If your IE browser is set to "Work Offline", MLO may not able to establish connection with Cloud service as well.
  5. If you are using proxy make sure that proxy settings are correct in MLO Cloud profile. If they are correct and MLO does not work try to disable proxy in MLO and set proxy settings in your Internet Explorer - MLO can use settings of IE as well.
  6. Try to temporary uncheck secure connection in MLO sync profile and test if it works:

    ’File’, ’Synchronization’, ’Edit’, ’Setup Connection’, ’Advanced’.

    Some administrators may block using certain ports for third party applications. Contact your network administrator in this case.

  7. Still have problems? Send us the logs from MLO Desktop: Tools->Options->Troubleshooting

What is the difference between versions (desktop and mobile)? Do you have FREE version of MLO application?

MLO is currently available on the following platforms: Windows, Android and iOS. For Desktop edition we have Pro and Standard versions. For mobile editions we have FREE and Pro versions. For Pro versions on Desktop and Mobile you have 45-day FREE trial.

We believe we succeeded in realizing the concept of MLO equally on desktop and mobile versions. Still, the differences do exist. There are some additional features in the desktop clients that aren’t in the mobile version. For example, active tasks are marked in green in desktop version, whereas Color Coding in the outline is not supported on mobile for now. Conversely, the mobile can do a few things the desktop version can’t (like letting you get location-based reminders). You can find the feature differences in Version Comparison Table.

The program on each platform is standalone, but the most convenient and functional way is to use different MLO applications together syncing the data across them. The most common and convenient options can be found here.

How do I convert an e-mail to MLO task?

You can subscribe to MLO Cloud Sync Service. After that you can configure a special e-mail for your cloud file. Messages sent to this address will be converted into MLO action and will be synced to your Inbox automatically. More details: Task by e-mail.

Is there a discount if I purchase MyLifeOrganized for different platforms?

MLO for Windows, iOS and Android are separate products with almost independent development. Since all products are purchased on different selling platforms (App Store, Google Play) we simply cannot offer any bundle pricing. The products are specially designed for each platform to make sure the user experience is fine tuned for each device type. We believe we set reasonable prices so that you can use the apps as independent products and benefit from using them together.

What is the best way to synchronize MLO-mobile with MLO-Windows? If I have more devices, will I be able to sync my data across all of them?

There are 2 possible options:

  1. MLO Cloud sync service. This is the best choice. MLO syncs across all your devices automatically and you always stay on top of your tasks. Fee based subscription is required.
  2. MLO WiFi sync. With Wi-Fi one-to-one secure connection you can take control over the data transmitted. Included to Pro versions.

We recommend using MLO-Cloud since it supports sync between unlimited number of devices connected to the same cloud account, provides better conflict resolution and data sharing with other people. WiFi sync included to Pro license is designed to sync only one mobile device with a single MLO Desktop file. If you need to sync other device with this MLO Desktop file via Wi-Fi you would need to unpair the first device and pair the new device then. More information can be found here.

Can I use MLO Desktop Pro license to activate MLO mobile editions and my MLO Cloud account? Can I transfer my Pro license from Android to iOS or back?

No, MLO Desktop, MLO Cloud and MLO Mobile versions are presented as separate products with individual price, therefore an individual MLO license is required for the platform you are using. You cannot transfer licenses beetween platforms.

I have lost my password for MLO local profile. Can you help me to restore it?

Sorry, no. For security reasons it is not possible to reset forgotten password for local profiles without uninstalling MLO app with deleting all your data. Please use with caution! You can reset your password for MLO-Cloud if you have lost it.

I am anxiously waiting for implementation of new features. When the updates will be available? Why can’t I find your release schedule?

Thank you for being MyLifeOrganized users! We do listen to our customers and plan our future releases according to your suggestions. This is why we really appreciate your feedback. With this being said usually we do not promise any release dates due to complexity of MLO product and nature of the software development under different platforms including fast evolving mobile platforms. Our goal is to release top quality task management tool responding to your needs. You can always subscribe to our forum and newsletter to be the first to know about releases. On our forum you can also discuss your question with other users as well as receive advice from them. Thanks.

Where can I get more information about MLO for Getting Things Done (GTD)?

An approach of MLO is based on GTD principles. The app is full of tools to help you manage your workflow, to be more organized, more productive and less stressed. You may find more information in our article.

Why Parent project does not show 100% completion progress bar when all its subtasks are completed?

We consider the Project as part of the activity. So the progress will be shown as 100% if:

a) the project itself is completed or

b) if the project effort parameter set to 0.

Why status of a project is not changed automatically to "Completed" when I complete all its subtasks?

The Project status is user controlled and not system controlled. We believe that the user has their own direct input into whether a Project is viewed as Not Started, In Progress, Suspended or Completed.

Here is an example: you could have a subtask under a Project heading that states "Create Project Overview Notes’ or "Plan Phase 2 of Project" etc. These tasks might be related to the Project overall but aren’t really part of the Project. If you complete these tasks, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that you had started working on the actual Project itself. In order to define the Project as started you have to manually change the status to "In Progress", in order to mark it once done you need to change the status to "Completed" and so on.

I created a big project and placed smaller projects into it. When I open the "Projects" view all smaller projects are shown twice. How to fix it? Should I delete the duplicate projects?

In the "Projects" view all tasks marked as projects are listed recursively, therefore embedded projects will show up:

a) For the first time as a part of the parent project;

b) For the second time as an independent project.

To avoid confusion, in MLO-Windows bring up the "Filter" pane and click on "Config" in the "General" section. Remove a checkmark next to "Continue searching in branch after main filter match". In MLO-mobile open "Custom View Settings" for the "Projects" view and disable "Continue searching in branch". The smaller projects will be only shown once as parts of the main project.

Also, you may focus on the parent project (use "Zoom in") to work on the smaller projects.

Do not delete sub-projects in the "Projects" view since they are not duplicates. If you are not sure, feel free to check the whole structure in the Outline (the "All tasks" view).

After synchronization I got duplicated contexts/flags. Why did it happen and how to fix?

Most probably, you synced two different files each of which had its own set of contexts/flags. They looked the same but the system recognized them as totally different contexts with different IDs. As a result, they were combined after the sync. The only one way to get it fixed is to manually delete duplicate contexts/flags. In MLO for Desktop: go to Tools-> Manage contexts/Manage Flags.

Here’s the rule to prevent this: whenever you need a new profile on mobile or another computer which will eventually be synced to the current PC, create an empty profile on mobile/another PC and sync it with the corresponding file on Windows before you do anything else with the new profile.

If I use the advanced filter "ActiveAction" it gives a different set of tasks than what I get with action filter "Active". Why and how do I fix it?

"ActiveAction" includes a task even if it has a future start time as long as it meets all of the other criteria for being active. This is necessary or else it would not be possible to create views such as "Active next 7 days". Fix: you need to add to your advanced filter the condition for Start Date, that is instead of (ActiveAction is TRUE) code ((ActiveAction is True) AND ((StartDateTime does not exist) OR (StartDateTime on or before Now)))

In the "All tasks" view, it’s possible to choose to sort by Computed-Score, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Why?

When you set sorting in hierarchical views only top level tasks are sorted. The tasks inside branches are not sorted.

I am curious if there is a way on to sort tasks based on the amount of time estimated to complete the task?

You can create a custom view that would sort your To-Do actions by max time.

In MLO on Desktop: Open your tasks in the "Active actions" view. In the ’Filter’ menu go to "Sort&Group"-> Sorting by "Time required Max". You can also enable the corresponding column in the task list area.

In MLO on mobile device: Swipe right->Edit-> tap "Add view"->select the action filter-> Sort by "Max time".

I just synced MLO on my laptop with my phone, and it worked fine except that my manual sort order in the custom views is different. On my phone the items are the same, just not in the same order as in views with manual ordering on my laptop. Can you explain this?

Manual ordering in views cannot be synced across profiles or platforms. The only exception is the default Starred and Active Starred views. All positions of tasks in these views are tracked. It means if you change the order of tasks in the Starred view on one device and sync, you will get the same order on another device. Manual ordering sync cannot be achieved with other views at the moment.

Still, here is a workaround: you may put a number at the front of every task and sort by task name, they will come out in numerical order. Be sure to give enough leading zeros. 2 will come after 11 but 0002 and 0011 will sort correctly. Or you could assign importance values between 1 and 200 and sort by importance. Or sort alphabetically.

It looks like I’ve misplaced the task. Where can I find it?

Please try the following:

  1. Use the "Search" option;
  2. Open the "Modified" view where you can track the recently changed items;
  3. Open the Archive to look for items that may have been lost to time;
  4. If all the mentioned above does not help, you can restore the previous version of your file using backup.

Do I have to renew MLO licenses or pay for updates?

MLO license for each platform requires one-time payment. The license does not expire so there is no periodic renewal fee. The only payment you might need to make later is related to an upgrade to the newest version when it is released. Minor updates with bug fixes and improvements are free; major updates with new features released as new product would cost money:

MLO for Desktop: Along with a license to use the software you will receive free updates of MyLifeOrganized to all new minor updates. Major updates (version 5.x, 6.x etc,) are paid. You are offered a discount for a major update if you are a registered user of the previous version of MyLifeOrganized for Windows. If there is no license for the previous version, upgrade to the new major version is to be paid at full cost. Therefore, to benefit from using the most up-to-date version on favourable terms please do not ignore major updates.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who bought the Pro version for Windows for the first time (at a regular price) would get free upgrade to *all* new updates (including major) released within 6 months from the date of their purchase. It means that you will *not* pay for ANY upgrades for at least 6 months after the purchase.

MLO for Mobile: Along with a license to use the software you will receive free updates of MyLifeOrganized to all new minor updates. For major updates (version 3.x, 4.x etc,) there will be upgrade fee. Sometimes we may offer discount for upgrades to new major version if selling platform (AppStore, Google Play etc) allows it.

How can I back up data on MLO-mobile?

There are 3 possible ways to back up your data:

  1. Sync your data to MLO Cloud.
  2. Manually backup your tasks using MLO Backup/Restore functionality: MLO>Settings>Backup profile.
  3. Use any 3rd party software you like (works with Android only).

I’ve bought a new phone. How can I transfer my MLO-mobile Pro license and data to it?

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install MLO app on your new device;
  2. Activate Pro: open the MLO app-> select Settings-> Registration-> Restore my license;
    Note: If you purchased MLO-Pro for Android on our website you can use our Online Activation Recovery Service to restore your activation code.
  3. Transfer your data:
    - If you use Cloud Sync, then on the new device synchronize a new empty profile with your Cloud file (Step 3 of the instruction).
    - If you do not use Cloud Sync service, then use MLO Backup/Restore functionality. In MLO on your old device go to Settings-> Backup profile -> send it to yourself via email or messenger and open it the MLO app on your new device.

I am using MLO-iPhone or MLO-Android. Do I need MLO for Windows?

Not necessarily. Each version of MLO is optimized for the device it is working on. Each version is a full-fledged standalone application. Generally you do not need MLO-Windows application if you are using mobile version only. However due to bigger screen size the desktop version is more convenient and can offer more advanced features. For example MLO-Windows has columns which help to see more information about the tasks on the screen. To understand the benefits of using MLO on different platforms check out this table.

How do I import my views from MyLifeOrganized desktop to mobile?

  1. On desktop select several views, right click the selection, click "Export Views…" and save the export file.
  2. Send MLO views export file to your device by email as attachment.

For Android (the detailed instruction can be foundhere):

  1. On your Android device open this email and save attachment as file.
  2. Run MLO 2 on Android device, open main menu with the list of views and select:
    Edit->Menu (...)->Import views…
  3. Select the file you saved from your attachment.

For iOS (the detailed instruction can be found here):

  1. On your iOS device open this email and click the attachment.
  2. Click "Open in" and select MLO app.

Now all your views exist in MLO on your device and you can see the task lists exactly as they appear on MLO for desktop!

How Cloud autosync and PUSH works on mobile device?

Autosync feature starts sync automatically every time you open the app or close it. This way your local changes are always transferred to the Cloud without any additional actions, and you get the relevant data when you need to work with them in the app.

With PUSH it will be updated in background even when device is sleeping. In this case a sync is triggered in background once the data in MLO Cloud gets changed. If you disable PUSH you will save more battery, but you will need to run your app to get the latest updates from Cloud. When you turn on the "Use Push" button (MLO>Settings>Synchronization>MLO Cloud>Use Push), please make any change in your MLO tasks on your device and perform a manual sync to the cloud. This manual sync will register your device on the Cloud for future PUSH notifications and background synchronization. In both cases synchronization is possible only when your device has network connection. The changes will be sent to Cloud once your device is connected to Internet.

Note: there are some restrictions on iOS devices.

How do I configure the synchronization of the MyLifeOrganized Destkop or mobile with MLO Cloud service?

Please use this guide.

Why ’sync branch’ option is grayed out for Cloud sync?

The ’Sync branch’ is only available for sync with a file on local compuer, LAN or FTP. This feature is not currently available for Cloud sync.

I use proxy server and cannot synchronize via Cloud. What should I check?

If you are using proxy on your PC then you should configure Internet Explorer to use your proxy settings. MLO will use these settings. If it does not work then try to setup your proxy in MLO. Click "Setup connection" in MLO Cloud Profile configuration and setup your proxy.

Can I use any alternative ways to sync except WiFi and Cloud sync?

The alternative ways of MLO syncing do exist (dropbox, usb stick) but all of the tools just overrides an old copy of your entire data file with more recent one. With MLO WiFi or Cloud synchronization on the other hand the record based synchronization is performed. It is more reliable and allows to avoid unnecessary conflicts or even data loss. You can change the tasks on different devices in the same time and MLO will combine them together.

Do you have MLO for Mac?

No, native MLO application that can be installed on Mac doesn’t exist. If you are interested in MLO for Mac, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

Meanwhile, you can install Crossover or Parallels on your Mac to run MLO Desktop.

What class of Windows Mobile powered devices is compatible with MyLifeOrganized Pocket-PC Edition?

MLO Pocket PC Edition is designed to run on Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5.x/WM6.x and Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5.x/WM6.x Phone Edition devices. Your device should have touchscreen (stylus).

The MLO-PocketPC application fails to uninstall telling some files are in use. Soft reset does not resolve the issue. What do I do to uninstall the application from PDA?

This is a known issue with some Windows Mobile 2005 devices. When you choose to remove the application, operating system performs a check to see whether or not the application is running. This functionality has a built-in bug which leads to infinite "reset-uninstall" loop. A custom uninstall utility has been implemented in order to overcome the issue. Please use it to completely remove the MLO PPC from your PDA.

MLO-BlackBerry cannot connect to MLO-Cloud. What do I do?

  1. Make sure that Internet connection available on your Device
  2. Make sure you can open this link in your mobile browser:
  3. Try to change Preferable Transport setting in MLO-BlackBerry application here:
    Settings -> Cloud Sync -> Advanced Connection Settings
    In some cases "Direct TCP" or "Wap2" option will resolve the connection issue.

Do you have MLO for BlackBerry Z 10 and Windows Phone devices?

No, we currently do not have clients for these platforms.