Getting Things Done® (GTD®) in MyLifeOrganized

"This is a very short review because I know I have
another five tasks to achieve before I can get back to my
paid work this morning. How do I know that I have five
tasks? Because I use a combination of David Allen's
Getting Things Done® (GTD®) system and MyLifeOrganized..."
Mark Levison.

We will describe here how you can implement Getting Things Done® (GTD®) system using MyLifeOrganized (MLO) application. If you don't know what GTD® is, you'd probably best start with introductions on wikipedia, on 43Folders or on

1. Create your own structure of GTD® Trusted System

MyLifeOrganized does not tell you how to organize your system. MLO gives you all the tools needed and you can create your own structure of a logical and trusted system outside of your head.

This system will help you to:
- Collect
- Process
- Organize
- Review
- Do

There are also a few templates included to the installation which show how GTD® trusted systems could be implemented using MyLifeOrganized application. Try them (menu: File->New... and select a template).

2. True Next Actions

Next Actions are a concept from Getting Things Done®.

If you use "complete sub-tasks in order" option for the project tasks, then your to-do views will show you only the most current Next Action for each project in the overall list (as recommended in GTD®).

Each your action will be put in a right context. You can filter your actions by time and energy available.

Each time you complete a task the To-Do list is regenerated to keep it updated and right ordered basing on a sophisticated Prioritization Algorithm.

MLO does not let you to forget why you are doing this task by adding Project name to it (as recommended in pigpog).

3. Each task could be a project

In MyLifeOrganized you can set an option “This is a project” for a task. In doing so, you will include this task into ‘Projects View”. In this view projects are grouped by statuses and are easy to review.

There is also dynamically calculated completion percentage for a project. This percentage is based on how many subtasks of the project are completed and what their Effort properties are.

4. Add big picture view with goals

You can indicate that a certain task is a weekly goal, monthly goal or yearly goal. The special “Goals View” is designed to easily review all your goals.

5. Take your tasks with you in your device

Take your tasks with you in your device

Do you need access to your to-do's and personal projects information while on the road? It is no problem with MyLifeOrganized!

There are mobile editions of of MyLifeOrganized application which can be synced with MLO for Windows Professional edition.

The following MLO mobile applications available right now: MLO-iPad, MLO-iPhone, MLO-Android.

Do not miss opportunity to work on a task when it is right time and place for this!