Wi-Fi Synchronization Setup

1. Run the latest version of MLO-Windows on your desktop.

Note: If security alert is shown by Windows Firewall click "Allow Access". If you don't use the Windows Firewall and you are blocked from pairing, refer to your Firewall or antivirus program help documentation to Unblock the MLO-Windows application.

2. In MLO-Windows open file you want to sync with your device.

3. In MLO-Windows from Main Menu open Tools -> Options -> Wi-Fi Synchronization and note IP address of your PC.

Note: If you have more than one IP addresses, try to use them in turn from top to bottom.

4. Install and run MLO on your device and select profile you want to sync with.

5. Make sure that both device and PC are connected to the same network (router).

6. In MLO on your device go to Settings > Synchronization > Wi-Fi.

7. Enter IP of your PC or select your PC from the list (if it is discovered automatically) and click Pair or Done on keyboard.

8. You will be asked to enter a PIN code on PC for pairing - enter code displayed on the device into appeared dialog in MLO-Windows and click OK.

9. If your device is successfully paired with your PC, you will see notification message on your device.

10. Click "Sync" button in the pairing confirmation dialog to synchronize your tasks.

Next time use wifi sync button on the device home screen to start the Wi-Fi sync. Your pairing is saved and it is not needed to perform pairing process again before each sync.

Note: It is possible to configure both MLO-Cloud and Wi-Fi sync for the same profile on your device. In this case after pressing Sync button you will be able to choose the sync mode.


  • Each MLO data file on your PC can sync only to one profile on a single device.
  • To sync your device with desktop the paired data file should be open in MLO-Windows
  • To sync this desktop data file to other profile or other device you need to unpair old profile and pair new profile.

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