How to archive and clean up your profile

You perform tasks day after day, the profile grows more and more and becomes clogged with outdated information, which slows down the application and complicates the search for the necessary data. How to fix this? If you do not want to delete important old tasks, but want to clean up the profile for other tasks and goals, just transfer them to the Archive.

Archiving does not delete tasks (although this option is also available), but only moves them to another data file. If you need to move some archived tasks back to the main profile, use copying via the clipboard (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V) from the archive file back to the main file.

Archiving on desktop

Archiving on mobile

Archiving on desktop


You can archive tasks in MLO both on desktop and on mobile (Pro version). If you use MLO on several devices that are synchronized, then archive only on one device. Best on the desktop, because there you can configure Automatic Archiving:

1. Menu Tools -> Options -> AutoArchive.

2. Check Run AutoArchive every N days.

3. Check other options if needed.

4. Ok

Auto-archiving setup

Tip: If you do not want a task and all its subtasks to be archived, check option 'Do not archive tasks in this branch' for this task: right-click the task -> Advanced -> Properties -> AutoArchive tab.

Archiving manually

At any time, you can manually archive completed tasks from the entire profile, or from a specific branch:

1. Menu Tools -> Archive...

2. Check the required options

3. Ok

 Manual archiving setup

As you can see from the settings, depending on the configuration, completed tasks that are over a certain age can be moved to an archive file, copied to an archive file or deleted permanently.

Archiving on mobile

In the mobile application, you can also manually archive tasks: go to Settings -> Archive / Purge tasks.

The archiving options are the same as in the desktop version.

To see how it works, watch this video: