How to set up automatic formatting

Automatic Formatting uses rules to format tasks individually, based on their properties. For example, you can set a rule to assign an email icon to tasks that contain the word 'email' in the title. Or, you can make recurring tasks in red when they are not done. See below how you can do this.

Open menu Tools → Options → Automatic Formatting

Open Automatic Formatting

Click 'Automatic Formatting Rules'→ Add → place your rule under the 'Add custom rules' line.

Add a rule

Note: When adding autoformatting rules, remember that the rule at the top of the list has the highest priority. Therefore, if your rule does not work, drag it to the top of the list of autoformatting rules.

Click 'Condition' and set the following rules:

Set conditions

Set font color for 'Format'

Set color

Tip: Enable 'Icon' option if you want to auto-assign an icon to tasks that meet certain conditions. You can add your custom icons to the list by clicking 'Manage icons...'

Done! You can see that the recurring and active "Weekly update" task has turned red and is now easy to spot in the to-do list:

Check the result

We are sorry, the feature is not yet available on Android.

Although there is no automatic formatting on Android, you can set task formatting manually. Here you can see how it works.

We are sorry, the feature is not yet available on iOS.