The use of contexts is one of the core principles of the GTD methodology.

Some tasks need to happen on a specific day, like sending a weekly report or paying rent. Others just require the context – it can be a place, a tool or a person. Assigning contexts makes it much easier to decide the next action you should be doing, since the to-do list can be reduced to those actions that can be performed in the context in which you are at the moment.

How to add a context

Filtering by Contexts

Contexts Hours

Included Contexts


Location-based Contexts

How to add a context

You can add a context in the task list area, by selecting it from the existing ones.

To add a context from the list:

1. Right-click in the Context column

2. Select the Context

Assign context

To create a new context:

1. In Properties switch to Edit mode

2. Open General section

3. Type in your context

Create context

Tip. Use shortcut Alt + Cto edit contexts for a task

Tip. You can set multiple contexts for a task. The best way to do this is to press Alt + L and check the contexts you need.

Filtering by contexts

You can quickly filter your tasks down to just the ones you can do now according to the context.

To add filter:

1. Bring up the Filter pane

2. Expand Contexts section

3. Select the context

To filter by multiple contexts hold Ctrl, select the contexts and check the operator:

Filter by multiple contexts

Context Hours

A context can be open or closed at certain time. For example, the context @Office can be open on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. The rest of the time the @Office tasks will be hidden in To-Do. So you won’t be distracted by office routine on your weekend (unless you put a checkmark "Include closed" in the Context filter group).

To set context hours:

1. Menu Tools > Manage Contexts (or press F8)

2. Select the context you wish to modify

3. Switch to the Hours tab

4. Drag the cursor across the time-grid to capture the required area

Context Hours

Included Contexts

Each Context may include other context(s). Suppose, you have a task "Learn Photoshop" which has the Context @Laptop. If you select @Home in the Context filter you will see this task in the to-do list. This is because @Home includes @Laptop.

To include contexts:

1. Menu Tools > Manage Contexts (or press F8)

2. Select a Context that will include other Contexts

3. Switch to Included Contexts tab

4. Select the context(s)

Included contexts

Tip: Read our blog post to learn more about how you can use included contexts and context hours.


You can quickly set a context using hotkeys.

To assign a hotkey:

1. Menu Tools > Manage Contexts (or press F8)

2. Select a Context that will include other Contexts

3. Switch to Properties tab

4. Press the combination of keys that you want to assign


Location-based Contexts

MyLifeOrganized for mobile can notify you when you reach or leave a certain location. If you often forget to buy milk on the way home, create context @Dairy and set its location. Learn more here.