Customize your Views on iPhone and iPad

Starting from version 2.7.0 you can customize your views on iPhone and iPad.

This is really an historic event for MyLifeOrganized products! It is the first time when you can create your custom views on a mobile device. It means that MyLifeOrganized for Desktop is not needed for this functionality and you can create almost any views of your tasks on the go with your mobile device.

Look at the picture below.


On the screenshot you can see an example of a custom view "Recently Completed Goals" created on iPad.

This filter will show the following tasks:

  1. The tasks are completed
  2. The tasks have contexts @Work or @Phone or @Internet
  3. The completion time is within the last 2 days
  4. The Weekly OR Monthly goal assigned to these tasks.

Please note that you still need to backup all your views, created on iPhone or iPad since these views are not synced during Cloud or WiFi synchronization. To backup your views just export them to a file:

  1. Click Edit on MLO home menu
  2. Click Multiselect
  3. Select the views you would like to backup
  4. Click Export
  5. Send attached Export file to yourself.

Should you need to reinstall MLO application on the same or other device you would just Import your views from this backup file.