MyLifeOrganized for Windows - Tabs

There are several cool things you can do with tabs in MyLifeOrganized for Windows.

1. Icons for tabs

This was one of the most asked feature. With the icons on the tabs MLO looks even better now:



The icons for tabs are most useful when used on pinned tabs.

To assign an icon for the tab:

  1. Right click on a Workspace tab
  2. From the menu select "Assign icon":
    • Current view icon - the tab icon will be always the same as the icon of the selected view
    • Custom icon - the selected custom icon will be always visible
    • No icon - there will be no icon for this tab


2. Assign tab hotkey and hotkeys conflict detection

Assign hotkeys to quickly select the tab.


To select a hotkey for the tab

  1. Right click on a Workspace tab
  2. Select "Assign hotkey" from the menu
  3. Press a hotkey for this tab and click "Assign hotkey"

If this hotkey is already assigned to other operation you will see a warning.

3. Hints for pinned tabs and tabs with long titles


If a tab is pinned or its title is too long, you will see a hint with the full title when the mouse hovers over it.

4. Lock default settings for tab

With the tab command "Lock default in this tab" you can lock the default settings so they cannot be changed for the tab. A new tab is created if you try to change the settings of the locked tab (view, zoom etc).

There was a long discussion on the beta forum on whether we need this feature in MLO. I personally was not sure, since we already had the "Restore default" command for the tab. But the beta team provided very good arguments to include this feature in MLO and it has been eventually added to MLO v4.1

Here is the post from Dwight with explanations why we need it:

This is one of the examples when MLO Beta team really influences the development of MyLifeOrganized.