How to quickly add tasks in MLO-Android

Sometimes you may keep too many different things in head, focus on ones and eventually lose sight of the others. We suggest that you let MLO remember everything for you, almost instantly.

MLO on Android includes several smart features that allow you to add new tasks very fast and on-the-go. Most of them are based on MLO Input Parser functionality used for quick and detailed task creation. Choose the ones that fit best with your workflow.

You can type or dictate a task with:

Rapid Task Entry

Widget and Shortcut

Google Assistant

Rapid Task Entry

In MLO you can type in all your task information — task name, start and due date, context, etc — into a single field. The built-in input parsing tool will automatically convert it into a task with the ready-made properties. This option is called Rapid task entry in MLO-Windows, while it is referred to as Add to Inbox in the mobile version.

To quickly add a task:

This way the necessary properties (due date and context) have been recognized and automatically set for the task:

Rapid Task Entry

Here are more examples and supported syntax:

Prepare report for Bob 3:10am 5/22
Prepare report for Bob 15:10 22/5 tomorrow 4pm
Organize party with my friends May 28th 2018 reminder May 23 2018 3pm
Send report to Bob in 3 days remind me tomorrow 2 pm
Call Jim tomorrow context @office; @calls
Send report next Tue 11am  context ProjectX
Send report in 1 month 2 weeks 1 day @ ProjectX; Reports
Send report in 1 m 2 w 3 d
Ask Michael in 2 d remind in 3 h -i5 -star
"Inform about meeting with Bob April 10 2pm" tomorrow at 16:00 remind me 10 min

Reserved words:
* to set a reminder: reminder or remind or rmd 
* to assign context(s): context or cont or @
* days of week
* tomorrow, in X days, in X d, in X min, in X h
* date and time in local format

Advanced options:
-* or -star to star a task
-s or -start to set a start date
-d or -due to set a due date
-h to hide in todo
-o to complete subtasks in order
-i1 to -i5 to set importance
-u1 to -u5 to set urgency
-p to set project
-f to set folder
-t to set min time required
-tm to set max time required
-to<Task Name> or -to=<Task Name> to move to a specific parent task
-tofld<Folder Name> or -tofld=<Folder Name> to move to a folder 
-toprj<Project Name> or -toprj=<Project Name> to move to a project

Use quotes to not parse the keywords:
"Call Bob tomorrow and remind about the meeting" in 1d remind in 10h

You can always check examples and reserved words inside the app.

Widget and Shortcut

MLO can be always at hand. Rather than going into your app drawer to find and launch MLO it’s handier to use shortcuts and widgets.

Shortcut launches a specific commonly-used action from the MLO app, while widget gives you instant access to the task list and several specific actions. A resizable MLO widget is like a mini MLO app that is always running on your homescreen.

With MLO shortcuts and widgets you can quickly:

- Add a task

- Add a task with reminder

- Add a task by voice

- Add a task by voice with parsing

- Access a specific view.

Adding a task by voice with parsing is the fastest. Before using this action turn ON the parser in the Widget settings:

Voice input with widget

A few examples of basic voice-with-parsing commands:

Write an article start May 1 due May 5
Check discounts in 7 days remind in 3 hours star
Plan holidays to folder Rest star
Update statistics to project Research flag BLUE

Voice input with Google Assistant

With this cool feature you can add any to-dos coming to your mind completely hands-free. The best way to save time!

It is possible because now MLO is recognized as one of the applications that can accept notes from Google. You can say 'OK Google, take a note' and add a task to MLO even when you are driving a car.

Change default note app

The first time you use the command, you will be asked to choose the default app. If you had previously used another note-taking app, here is how you can change it to MLO:

Step 1: Launch Google Assistant by saying the command Ok Google or by holding the home button. In case the Ok Google command isn't working for you, check the settings.

Tip: Network connection may be required for some voice commands to work properly.

Step 2: Say 'Take a note' and wait for the Assistant to respond.

Step 3: On the screen that appears, tap the icon of the app suggested by default. Here you will find all the supported apps. Tap on the MLO app and it will become your default note-taking app through Google Assistant.

OK Google, take a note

MLO is now ready to create a task through Google Assistant. Say the key words 'OK Google, take a note', followed by the text for your task. The text then will be parsed the way it was previously described:

Voice input with Ok Google

Instead of 'take a note' you can say:

create/make/set a note 
note to self

Note: By default the first profile in the list is used for adding tasks. To select the profile in the MLO app go to Settings -> General Settings -> Settings for adding task -> Profile for adding tasks with using "OK Google" .

Read back

Even more so, it can read back what you have just added by voice. Very convenient for those who have their hands occupied or cannot see the text.

The option is enabled by default. To disable it: in MLO app go to Settings → General Settings → Settings for adding task → Speak back task added by voice.

Countdown timer

As you may notice, there is a countdown timer in the top right corner. After 10 seconds of inactivity the task will be created as it is. Tap anywhere on the screen if you wish to interrupt the automatic task creation and modify the task details. You can also tap Back to open the text parsing screen. If everything is correct tap the checkmark to save the task.

Tip: You can disable the countdown timer: in MLO app go to Settings → General Settings → Settings for adding task → Use countdown timer.

Set reminder

If you say 'OK Google, take a note. Call Bob remind me in 15 minutes' it will create a reminder in the system, not in MLO. The thing is that 'remind' and 'reminder' are reserved words for Google Assistant to create a system reminder instead of notes in a specific app.

To set a reminder in MLO say "inform" instead of "remind":

OK Google, take a note. Call Bob, inform me in 15 minutes

Or, here is another trick:

You say: 'Ok, Google, take a note' (pause, wait for the Assistant to respond)
Assistant: 'OK what's the note?'
You: 'Call Bob remind in 15 minutes context calls'

So, the pause does the trick!

Open view, profile and snooze reminders

Along with the main command for creating a task there are also more specific voice commands for managing MLO by voice.

If you wish to open a view you need, you should say:

OK Google, take a note, open the view [name of the view]

You can also open a specific view in a specific profile:

OK Google, take a note, open the view [name of the view], profile [name of the profile]

Sometimes you need snooze multiple reminders at once. Suppose, you are going to the office by car and getting several reminders. Instead of picking up the phone and tapping the screen a few times you can snooze all reminders at once just by voice. Then process tasks with reminders when you reach the office.

To snooze reminders say:

OK Google, take a note, snooze all reminders for [snooze period]
... snooze all reminders in [snooze period],
... snooze all for [snooze period],
... snooze all the reminders [snooze period],
... snooze all reminders, 
... snooze all,
... snooze reminders,
... snooze the reminders.

Note: a task is snoozed for 5 minutes by default

Creating tasks using the parser, especially voice-to-text, is much quicker. It frees up time for what is really important now, maintaining your work and life balance.