Backup and how to restore from backup

Backup is fully automated in MLO on desktop so you never need to worry about remembering to backup your data files.

On each "save" action MLO automatically creates a backup file which you can open anytime if there are any problems with the main file.

How to restore from backup

Advanced Backup

How to restore from backup

Open the backup file

In MLO go to File → Open → navigate to the directory containing MLO backup files.

By default, the backup copy is created in the same folder where you main data file is located (usually at C:\Users\Name\Documents\MyLifeOrganized). If Advanced backup is enabled, MLO creates the backup copy in the location specified at Tools → Options → Backup.

Note: Backup file has the same name as a data file has but with .bak extension.

Open backup file

Save this file

You need to save it in the .ml format: go to File → Save As...


The data file restored from the backup is set to sync with the Cloud file that was previously used. That is if you saved the file with the same name as the original one.

If it is set to sync with the version you don’t want, you need to save the file with a different name. In this case the autosync will ask whether to sync this file with the Cloud or not (select NO). After that disconnect your file from this Cloud file, and create a new Cloud file to sync with.

If you need any assistance, contact MLO Support.

Advanced backup

We recommend enabling Advanced backup if you need even more protection. You can find this option at Tools → Options → Backup. It allows to keep several last backup files, and also to automatically create a backup file once a day / week / month.

Advanced backup setup