How to set up MLO on Mac via CrossOver

There is currently no native version of MLO for Mac. But you can use the third party CrossOver or Parallels application on your Mac to work with MLO.

CrossOver* works as a translation layer for Windows apps, allowing them to run on macOS. Running MLO via CrossOver has been tested by many of our users (including us), and is the best possible solution. We cannot guarantee that CrossOver will work flawlessly for you, but it provides the normal operation of most MLO functions, including syncing through MLO Cloud and wi-fi, formatting tasks, formatting notes using Markdown, and hotkeys.

(*) CrossOver is the third party paid application. There is a free trial for 14 days.

How to set up MLO via CrossOver

Additional settings

How to set up MLO via CrossOver

1. Download and install CrossOver (version 19 or later)

2. Download MLO 5 installation file

3. In the first installation window enter "MyLifeOrganized":

Installation window in CrossOver

Together with the MLO application, the necessary CrossOver components will be installed. Just follow the wizard's instructions. It will suggest to install MSXML Parser, and then MLO itself.

Tip. Ignore MacOS security message. During installation, MacOS security system alerts you that the file is from an unknown source. Click Cancel in the pop-up window and the installation will go on.

4. Open MLO and activate it with your code: Help → Registration

Tip. If you cannot find your MLO activation code, please refer to the Activation recovery service.


Additional settings

Adjust fonts

You may notice imperfect display of icons and fonts, but additional settings allow you to get an acceptable look of MLO: CrossOver → Control Panel → Wine Configuration → Graphics → Resolution

Here is how MLO window looks if ou run it through CrossOver:

Installation window in CrossOver

Sync with Google Calendar

To set up synchronization with Google Calendar, you need to open the MLO data file in MLO on Windows and set up synchronization with the calendar there. Synchronization settings are saved in the data file itself. Then you need to send this file over to Mac and open it in MLO through CrossOver. Synchronization will work.


If you encounter any issues, we recommend asking other users on our forum.