Sync methods - which one to choose

In this article we would like to give an overview of two possible ways to sync MLO data across multiple devices: using Wi-Fi connection and MLO Cloud Sync Service.

This will help you understand the difference and decide which method is right for you.

Cloud Sync vs. Wi-Fi Sync

MLO for Windows MLO for Mobile
Feature Purpose Std Pro Free Pro
Cloud Sync Multiple devices sync
Wi-Fi Sync One mobile - one desktop

 — A paid cloud subscription is needed to sync all your MLO (desktop and mobile) devices

 — One desktop app synchronises with one of your mobile devices (included to Pro version)

How do I sync the data across several different devices at work and at home?

MLO Cloud Sync service is what we suggest since it is specially designed to handle unlimited number of devices. It allows you to keep the data up-to-date on all your devices connected to the network no matter where you are: at home, at office, driving a car etc.

Wi-Fi has limited range and you need to pair one desktop and one mobile device connected to the same network. If you are not limited to the bundle of 1 desktop & 1 mobile device and often change your location, it will take a few steps to re-pair with another device or network to sync via Wi-Fi. This may cause some inconveniences as well as conflicts while syncing and MLO Cloud Sync is what you need in this case.

How can I link MLO-Desktop to several mobile devices for Wi-Fi sync?

Each Wi-Fi sync session is for a specific pair (one MLO-Desktop file and one MLO-mobile profile). It is not designed to connect multiple mobile devices with desktop for Wi-Fi sync. If you use MLO with your laptop, phone and tablet to have the same data on all these devices with Wi-Fi sync you would need to pair the laptop with the phone and then re-pair this laptop with the tablet to sync with both devices.

So this solution would work, but not simultaneously and it is not quite reliable. Every time you have to walk over to the target device and do the re-pairing and this can lead to some complication and even a “conflict” scenarios and no one likes those. Therefore we highly recommend using MLO Cloud sync if you are not limited to one desktop and one mobile devices. And even in the case of one desktop and one mobile Cloud Sync is much more functional since you can sync automatically and from any location.

Are the sync features paid or free?

Wi-Fi Sync is included to Pro version, both MLO-Desktop and MLO-mobile should be upgraded to Pro. You also have the Wi-Fi sync feature during the FREE trial period and can try out how it works.

MLO Cloud sync can be used with any version: Free, Standard or Pro. MLO Cloud Sync service requires additional subscription, you can find the details here.

Also, we offer 1-month free MLO Cloud Sync subscription for any first review of MLO mobile app left on AppStore or GooglePlay.

Is storage in MLO Cloud secure?

All communication between the platforms and the Cloud is done over secure channels using HTTPS to keep sensitive information as secure as possible. MLO Cloud Sync service takes precautions to protect your information - it does periodical backups of your data to a secure and robust MLO Cloud environment. We are using Amazon Web Services for building our Cloud infrastructure. AWS data centers are located in USA and well known for its reliability and high performance.

Only a very limited number of staff members can get access to your information to help you with possible sync issues and at your written request only.

Can I use any alternative ways to sync except WiFi and Cloud sync?

The alternative ways of MLO syncing do exist (Google Drive, Dropbox, USB-stick) but all of the tools just overrides an old copy of your entire data file with more recent one. Also note that the data files can be transferred in this way only between PCs.

With MLO WiFi or Cloud synchronization on the other hand the record based synchronization is performed. It is more reliable and allows to avoid unnecessary conflicts or even data loss. You can change the tasks on different devices in the same time and MLO will combine them together. MLO cannot do it if you use Google Drive or Dropbox to sync your data.

More advantages of MLO Cloud Sync

  • PUSH sync

    Fully automatic PUSH sync on MLO-mobile allows to receive all updates from MLO Cloud in background even if you do not run the app itself.

    How it works: You set a reminder for a new task on your MLO-Desktop and sync it to the Cloud. After that you leave your home taking only your phone (even if MLO is not open). As a result, the reminder from MLO app on your mobile will alert you at the required time. This is because it was sent to your MLO app on mobile automatically during background cloud sync a few moments after you synced your MLO-Windows with the cloud.

  • Conflict resolution

    Cloud Sync resolves possible sync conflicts that may arise when several users are working on the same project at the same time or when you change the same task using different devices.

    How it works: You edit the notes for the same task on different devices before syncing them to the Cloud. After the sync MLO has to decide which version of notes to use. In the easiest scenario after the sync you will see the result of the automatic conflict resolution and just confirm it.

    If you need more control of the conflict resolution process you will be able to see the full list of conflicts, identify the values which were rejected during automatic resolution, edit and restore rejected data if needed. What is important is that the conflict resolving process will not interrupt the synchronization and you can process the conflict resolution later at any convenient time without a risk to lose your data.

  • Collaboration with other users

    With the Cloud feature you can share your file with tasks with other people and work together on the same project.

    You can provide access to the same Cloud account to other users.

    How it works: You need to manage the shopping list together with your wife. You give your MLO Cloud Sync login credentials to her so that she could link her local file to the same Cloud file. All changes made from different sides will be synced in both directions.

    If you want to grant access only to specific Cloud file(s) and not to your entire account the other person must have his/her own MLO Cloud Sync subscription.

    Steps to set up on desktop:

    • Open your MLO file and go to "Synchronization"-> "Configuration" -> "MLO Cloud";
    • In the windows that appears click "Browse". Here you can choose an existing Cloud file or create new to share with another user;
    • Go to "Properties"-> "Sharing"-> "Share";
    • Enter the email address of another user and click "Ok".

    Steps to setup on mobile:

    • Open MLO App on your mobile device;
    • Swipe right and tap “Settings” on the bottom line and select “Synchronization”;
    • “MLO Cloud”->”Cloud File”->“Edit” . Here you can choose an existing Cloud file or create new to share with another user;
    • Tap ⓘ next to the required Cloud file ->”Shared with”;
    • Enter the email address of another MLO Cloud user and tap "Save".

    The second user needs to create a new local file on his side and link it with the Cloud file that was shared with him.

    Henceforth you both will be able to manage the tasks connected to the shared cloud file.

  • Task by email

    With MLO Cloud Sync you can send tasks to MLO when having access only to e-mail. When you send email to a special address it is automatically moved to folder in your Cloud file and then synced to your MLO Client.

    Look how it works here.

    If you are using MLO with your iOS device, ask Siri to send tasks to your MLO Inbox

What's next?

When you know the sync method you want to use, look at the related articles and video tutorials to find detailed step by step instructions on how to set up.

As always, if you have questions about we’re always here for you.

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