Task by Email

Task By Email is one of the great features you can use with MyLifeOrganized Cloud Service. When you send email to a special address it is automatically moved to Inbox folder in your Cloud file and then synced to your MLO Client.

  • Login to your MLO cloud account: https://sync.mylifeorganized.net/mlo/Login.aspx
  • Click "Stored Files" on the left
  • Locate your data file and click "Task by email" on the right for this file
  • Enter your secret email address in the field. For example: "BobMLOTasks2016"
  • Now you can send emails to "BobMLOTasks2016@sync.mylifeorganized.net" and they will be converted to tasks in your Inbox. The text of the email will be placed to task notes

Please note that only plain text is placed to the task notes. Attachments are not supported.

To protect from spam we implemented the following:

  • You can set "Allowed senders". Emails sent from other addresses will be ignored and not placed to your cloud file.
  • You can change your secret email at any time if your current email was compromised by spammers.
  • It is not allowed to send more then 60 emails per hour to your account. If more emails sent they are ignored.

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