How to transfer all your data to another computer

Suppose you bought a new laptop, installed MLO on it, and now you need to restore everything you had before. Our instructions will help you do it right:

How to restore a license

How to transfer tasks

How to transfer user settings

How to restore a license

You can request your activation code anytime using our Activation Recovery Service. The code with the instructions will be emailed to you.

Tip: If the code you received is for a previous version, please consider upgrading to the latest version. If you want to continue using the unsupported version, you can find a link to download it here.

How to transfer tasks

There are 2 ways to transfer tasks:

1. If you use MLO Cloud, create an empty file in MLO: menu File -> New -> New blank file. Then sync it with your Cloud file.

Thus, all your tasks will appear in this new file.

2. If you do not use MLO Cloud, transfer your data file from the old computer to the new one. With the help of Google Drive, for example.

Where to find the data file? It has .ml format and is usually located in \Documents\MyLifeOrganized\ or where you saved it.

Tip: If the main file is damaged for some reason, use a backup. MLO saves one previous backup file (or several if you enabled it) in the .ml.bak format in the same folder as the main data file or in the folder that you indicated in the settings: Tools -> Options -> Backup. After opening the backup, you need to save it under a new name in .ml format.

How to transfer user settings

You do not need to read further if you did not change the following settings:

Below we give the instructions for those who changed. These settings are logically distributed according to how they should be used and therefore are stored in different places.

Basic data and settings: tasks, views, tabs, autoformatting

All this is stored in a data file which has .ml extension.

Note: If in this case you leave a checkmark on Tasks, Contexts, Flags, then after importing to MLO on a new computer these elements will be duplicated (since they were already transferred there with synchronization). Check them only if you are going to import them into an empty file or into a file with other tasks that you want to merge.

Then, in the same way, import this file into MLO on the new device.


For example, you had your favorite theme with a large font.

Use export/import in menu Tools -> Options -> Themes and Formatting -> Select theme -> Edit... -> More -> Export/Import.

Tip: if for some reason you can’t open the file settings, you can find all topics here:

Application Related Settings

These are not the key settings and they do not contain data about your tasks. Information about your license, backup settings, cloud synchronization settings, hotkeys are stored in the Windows Registry:

Suppose you need to transfer all your custom hotkeys. In the Registry, right-click on Hotkeys -> Export. On the new computer, open this file (unload MLO from memory) and the system itself will prompt you to import.