MyLifeOrganized your To-Do list for Windows

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Get your things done with a powerful to do list app for Windows



Organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks into subtasks until you get reasonably sized actions.



Mark a large task as a project to track its overall progress. Open the Projects view to easily review all your projects.



The Workspaces (tabs) are used to store and quickly access a particular configuration for the selected view, additional filter, zoom, selected task etc.

Markdown Support

Markdown support

Add headings, lists, bold, italic, links, images and other elements to task notes lightweight and easy-to-use markup language.

Custom Views

Custom Views

You can use default predefined views or create your own views using built-in MLO advanced features for filtering, sorting and grouping your tasks.

Sync with Google Calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

MLO and Google Calendar can mirror each other. You can see MLO tasks distributed over the calendar and visually assess your load.

One time purchase. No monthly charges.

Professional Version


This is fully functional modern professional task manager for any kind of usage with support of Cloud Sync with mobile devices. With Pro Version you benefit from more advanced features that will allow you to customize many of the default settings and easily manage more complex projects and tasks.

Standard Version


Standard Version provides all the essential features required for efficient desktop checklist app usage. However some advanced features are only available in Professional Version.

(*) TAX/VAT may apply for certain countries. Additional licenses required for MLO mobile editions.
The version you purchase will never expire. Optional renewals grant access to new major versions and ongoing support.

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Current Version

Supported OS

Windows 11/10/8/7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP.

Change Log

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User Manual

User Manual

Format: PDF Size: 2.9 Mb

Installation Instructions

  • Run Installer

    If you downloaded MLO installer "MLO Setup.exe" just run it and follow the instructions. Previous MLO versions will be updated automatically (no uninstall is required).

  • Unzip Package

    If you downloaded a zip file "" then no installation is needed. Just unzip files to a folder of your choice and run the application.

  • Registered User?

    Registered users should also install this trial version. It will work in a full mode once activated. Step-by-step instruction to upgrade from older versions to the latest version.

Additional Downloads

MLO XML Converter

Use this application to convert different formats to MLO document. The following formats are currently supported:

  • OPML
  • ToDoist export CSV
  • Toodledo export XML
  • MindManager XML
  • LifeBalance

Version: 1.3


Previous Versions

MLO Outlook Redemption Library

Use this dll to avoid Outlook security warning during sync MLO to Outlook. Download and unpack the dll, place it in the same folder with dialog of MyLifeOrganized application.

Version: 4.4


Export template for Bonsai

Download the file and unzip it to Bonsai program files directory to create an export template from Bonsai to MyLifeOrganized XML.

Version: 0.1


MyLifeOrganized Templates

Learn by examples how you use MLO effectively. For example how to implement David Allen's "Getting Things Done"® (GTD®) approach with MyLifeOrganized. Details are on the Google forum.

Download: Download link has been removed since templates are now integrated to MLO installation. Use menu File→ the application and create new file basing on a template.

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Cloud Sync Service

Cloud Sync Service

The MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync service allows you to synchronize your data between different devices running the MyLifeOrganized task manager.