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General questions

Q: Is this application FREE?
A: The Light Edition is FREE. For Standard and Professional Editions you will have to buy a license.


Q: If I purchase a license should I pay for updates?

MLO for Desktop
: Along with a license to use the software you will receive free updates of MyLifeOrganized to all new minor updates. For major updates (4.x, 5.x etc,) there will be upgrade fee.
IMPORTANT: Anyone that bought the full (professional) desktop version would get free upgrade to *all* new updates (including major) released within 12 months from the date of their purchase. It means that you will *not* pay for ANY upgrades for at least 12 months.

MLO for Mobile: Along with a license to use the software you will receive free updates of MyLifeOrganized to all new minor updates. For major updates (2.x, 3.x etc,) there will be upgrade fee. Sometimes we can offer discount for upgrade to new major version if selling platform (AppStore, Google Play etc) allows it.


Q: What is the difference between MLO for Windows Light, Standard and Professional Editions?
A: Professional Edition has full set of features available.
Standard Edition has all features needed for productive work. However some powerful features are only available in Professional Edition.
Light Edition (freeware) has set of features needed to use it as a simple outliner for all types of information or simple to-do list.
Learn more about feature list.



Q: How do I register online?
1) Run MLO application and select Help->Registration... from the application menu
2) In the Registration dialog click buy online link. You will be transferred to the Registration web page.
3) Select the Application Edition you would like to buy a license for and click Buy using share*it button on this web page.
4) Follow the instructions on the share*it website to complete your secure order and receive an Activation Code
5) Enter the Activation Code you have received into appropriate text input in the Registration Dialog
6) Press Register button.

Your application is now registered!

Alternatively you can use this link: http://www.mylifeorganized.net/shop/buy.htm


Q: I have purchased one license and want to use MyLife Organized on different computers (notebook, home, work etc).
A: This is OK. You may install MyLifeOrganized on up to five computers, as long as only one person uses the software. This way, you may install it at home and in the office for your personal use. Additional licenses are necessary only if more than one person is using the program.


Q: What if I have lost my Activation Code?
Q: What if my Activation Code does not work?

Use our Online Activation Recovery Service


Q: How do I change the registration email?
Q: What do I do when I have forgotten the e-mail address used when registering, or if the e-mail account is not valid anymore?
Use our Online Activation Recovery Service

Q: How do I launch a registered copy of MyLifeOrganized from a removable media (such as a USB Flash drive?)
1. Register MyLifeOrganized using the Activation Code provided.
2. From the application menu select menu "Help->Registration" to open the Registration dialog
3. In the Registration dialog, click "Export registration information to a file" and specify a folder where the file mlo.keym should be created.
4. Copy the following files to the same folder on your removable media:
mlo.exe - the main application
mlo.keym - the file containing the registration information
You can also copy any *.ml files that contain your data
5. You can now run mlo.exe from the removable drive on any computer.

Q: How do I UPGRADE from MLO Desktop version 1.x-3.x to version 4.x
Perform your upgrade on this page: http://www.mylifeorganized.net/shop/upgrade.htm
More details:
1. If you have purchased a license for MLO on or after July 25th 2011 you can receive FREE Activation Code for version 4.x. Just enter your e-mail in online Activator to have new Activation Code emailed to you:
Note: If you do not remember the date of your purchase just use the link above for the system to verify if you qualify for the free upgrade.
If you do not have access to your registration email or do not remember it follow the instruction on Activator to chagne the email

2. If you have purchased a license before July 25th 2011 (more than 17 months ago) you should purchase an upgrade for MLO Desktop version 4.x.

The upgrade prices:
MLO-Windows Pro version 1.x-3.x to version 4.x $29.95 (*)
MLO-Windows Standard 1.x-3.x -> MLO-Windows Standard 4.x $19.95 (*)
MLO-Windows Standard 1.x-3.x -> MLO-Windows Pro 4.x $39.95 (*)

(*) TAX/VAT may apply for certain countries

2.1 To purchase a license for MLO 4.x with upgrade price you should receive a redemption upgrade coupon first using the link below:

2.2 Now go to upgrade section of our online shop: http://www.mylifeorganized.net/shop/upgrade.htm , select the corresponded product, enter the upgrade coupon and click Upgrade! button. Fill the order form and purchase the upgrade.
Note: If you have entered correct coupon you will see the upgrade price for the corresponded product in the Total amount field on the Shareit order form.

3. Download, install (if you have not done it yet) and activate the new version using Activation Codes for version 4.x.
Links to download: Desktop edition.

Q: How to upgrade to MLO-PocketPC version 3.5.x from previous MLO-PocketPC versions
You need to recreate your data file on your device for MLO-PocketPC to start using new improved database engine introduced in version 3.5.0.

1) Sync your datafile to Desktop or save it as XML;
2) Backup your data file and Activation Code;
3) Close MLO Windows Mobile Sync manager on desktop;
4) Uncradle your device and close MLO-PocketPC application on your device;
5) Uninstall MLO-PocketPC on your device including all settings;
6) Cradle device;
7) Install new version of MLO-PocketPC on your device
Note: If your device affected by "WM uninstall bug" refer to this question.
8) Register application using your Activation Code;
9) Create new data file on your device and sync your data from desktop or restore from XML.

Installation, platforms and misc.

Q: The MLO-PocketPC application fails to uninstall telling some files are in use. Soft reset does not resolve the issue. What do I do to uninstall the application from PDA?
A: This is a known issue with some Windows Mobile 2005 devices. When you choose to remove the application, operating system performs a check to see whether or not the application is running. This functionality has a built-in bug which leads to infinite "reset-uninstall" loop. A custom uninstall utility has been implemented in order to overcome the issue. Please use it to completely remove the MLO PPC from your PDA.

2. Copy the downloaded file to the PDA
3. Uncradle the device
4. Close MLO application on the PDA
5. Launch MLO-PPC-Uninstall.exe
6. Perform a soft reset if the application suggests so and launch the uninstall utility again
7. Delete MLO-PPC-Uninstall.exe file from PDA


Q: Is it possible to run MLO Desktop from USB thumb drive?
A: Yes. It was specially designed to run from USB drive. It is not needed to install MyLifeOrganized on a computer to run it. Just run mlo.exe and it will work. The other files from the installation are optional.
For example if you work on different computers in office, home and use notebook you can copy mlo.exe with data file to your USB drive and run it on any computer you work on. You even do not need administrative privileges on these computers to run MLO.
Note: for registered version you should also copy your registration information. For more details see question "I How do I launch a registered copy of MLO from a removable media"


Q: Is it possible to sync MLO tasks to Palm or other mobile devices?
Yes. Outlook sync could be effectively used to share your MyLife Organized tasks with another devices which are using Outlook (Smart Phones etc).
There is special preset in Outlook Advanced Sync Options to configure MLO to share tasks with Palm devices.


Q: In MLO-Windows I have error "Wi-Fi sync server has been disabled since required DLL not found".
A: This message means that MLOWiFiSync.dll is missing in the MLO directory.
How to fix this:
1) If you installed MLO-Windows from installation file you should reinstall it and check "Wi-Fi Sync" option during installation.
2) If you installed MLO-Windows from zip archive you should move MLOWiFiSync.dll file from archive to same directory where mlo.exe file is placed.


Q: What if I see error "WiFi sync server is not active for this MLO instance"?
A: Only one MLO instance which first started can activate WiFi sync server. After first instance is opened, you cannot sync from other instances.
1) Find the first started MLO instance.
2) Open data file in this instance for sync.
3) If error still appears - close all instances of MLO, start MLO again and open file for sync.

Application workflow

Q: I've created a task into outline but I can not find it in the ToDo list. What is the problem?
A: There might be several reasons:
1) The task has uncompleted subtasks. Only tasks with all subtasks completed will appear in the To-Do List.
2) In the To-Do List filter, you have selected a Place not appropriate for the task.
3) A place you have included in the To-Do List filter has Open/Closed schedule and it is closed at the moment The tasks associated with this place will NOT be shown in the to-do list unless you check the Include closed places check box on To-Do tab.
4) In the To-Do List filter, you have selected the I have filter and the task's Min Time required for the task does not exist or is greater than the value in the filter.
5) The task (or one of its parents) has the option Hide branch in To-Do List checked in its Properties (in which case it will appear dimmed in the outline)
6) The task has the option Hide only this task in To-Do List checked in its Properties (in which case it will appear dimmed in the outline).
7) The task has a future Start Date or the task has no dates, but one of its parent tasks does and it is in the future.
8) One of the task's parents has the option Complete subtasks in order checked, and this task has uncompleted sibling(s) above it
9) By setting Zoom in, you have excluded all tasks which are not in the selected branch


Q: Outlook sync trashed my outline! All my tasks are in MLO <NewOutlookTasks> project again.
A: Here is the situation: You have copied all your Outlook tasks to MLO, created the outline there and everything worked well for some time. But after one of the sync all of your outlined tasks appeared in the <NewOutlookTasks> again.
The reason is that one day you copied all your Outlook tasks into a backup Outlook folder then deleted the original tasks and restored them from this backup folder. While restored tasks look identical to you they look different to MLO now. This is because the IDs of the tasks have been changed. MLO uses only internal Outlook task IDs to identify tasks for sync. Thus during the sync MLO deleted all your tasks in outline and copied "new" Outlook tasks to the default project. You can always identify what happened during sync by reviewing Outlook sync log file (link to it is placed in "Setup Outlook Sync" dialog).


Q: When I try to sync to Outlook (File->Setup Outlook Sync), I get error "Can not connect to MS Outlook: The specified module could not be found." or "Class not registered"
A: First try to restart Outlook. If this doesn't help, you should check if your Outlook installed properly. To do this:

1. In any text editor create a text file named "test.vbs"
2. Add three lines in it:

Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objNameSpace = objOutlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

3. Run test.vbs

If modal dialog with Outlook folders is not displayed then your Outlook is not installed properly. The fastest fix is to do a "repair" from the Outlook or office installer. If it does not help you probably need to reinstall MS Office. More details on this. Also more details on problem with Outlook path



More information about how MyLife Organized works.


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